About to Embark on my Sigil Magic Journey. TONITEEEEE!

hey guys, so I’ve been reading a lot on this forum the last few days. In hopes to get my ex back, I am about to meditate on Sallos right after this posting. in my research I’ve come up with Pamion, Anael, Sitri (ofcourse) Dantalion. Sallos obviously spoke more to me so I decided to go with him tonite. I do have a question though ?

so I realize it’ll be better to have someone who can help wash away any negative feelings she might be holding for me, will sallos help me with that? or should I call on Pamion, and another thing, can we call on multiple entities in one sitting or should be do them on separate nights and if so how far apart.

like if after tonite I feel like calling on Pamions help tomorrow is that ok to do ? obviously I will not ask for the same things I ask sallos tonite. and would the order I ask things in matter in my case ?

should I work on washing off negative thoughts/feelings in her for me, with pamion and then ask for sallos’s help to re untie us ?



Hey guys,

so I just finished my first session, was in there for a good 25-30 minutes. I had a candle lit with a sandalwood cone and a cup of water as an offering to sallos, and his sigil with his enn written on it “Serena Alora Sallos Aken”.

for the first 5 minutes I just meditated to clear my mind, then I started reciting his name after which I did the enn, all while gazing at the sigil, during which I would eventually end up closing my eyes trying to manifest my final outcome for a few minutes or so and then opening them again and looking at the sigil then going back to closing my eyes, all last about 20 minutes, didn’t really feel the presence at this point, and felt like I was losing my focus. so I decided to end the ritual and closing off by just talking to sallos and let him know of my desires and thanking him just incase he did show up and I just didnt feel him ( cause I’m a newbie) asked him for his assistance in my matters and offered him the water for now and promised him alcohol the next time I sit down and call upon him.

do you guys think I should try this again tomorrow and see how it goes ? or just let it be ? and leave it to him, I also asked him in the case that he was there and I didn’t notice him to come in my dreams and show me a sign that he was present and willing to help ?

please advice.



********King Paimon, let it be

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