About the hate that you put on a curse

Hi all, we know that it isn’t really good for our health to be in this emotional state

So, how long do you judge necessary to have a potent curse without too much producing stress/cortisol in your opinion ?
I know that some people doesn’t transmit this in their curses, but many magicians say that it is really effective

It’s for destroy spirits who will fall on my decoy

This question is a bit too clinical.

The point is to exhaust the feeling into the curse so that you let go afterward.

How much hate do you have? How final is the curse?

It takes however long it takes for you to reach a catharsis about your target in the moment.

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It’s just that I’m starting essays invocation/evocations and I’m doing some spells so from what I’ve understand I will become like a shiny christmas tree for astrals trashes and malevolent entities even with banishings

So I want to welcome these guys by a good kick in the #€% :upside_down_face:
I will wrap up the curse to create a physical link + intention on the witch bottle decoy that I will create for some days, then I bury the thing not very far from my home

So, If I like, prepare and charge the curse, by transmitting 10 seconds of pure rage every day until 2 weeks to sealed it, if it’s really usefull it I will do it

But if you tell me that you are sure that anyways it’s the same result, I will do a easy and quick stuff
I don’t know if you can charge curse like wards to let’s say “reinforce it”

I think you absolutely can.

Sounds like a good method to me :+1:

While that is largely true, it’ll depend on individual circumstances I think.

While I haven’t done a BUNCH of coursework, the only thing I really noticed is some spirits may come forward for you when you do that kind of work.

If you got a good temple generally speaking, I think you’ll be fine.

You can also mitigate that by calling a guardian spirit or deity to oversee the work and space. Keeping out the nasties, and/or attaching some of them to the work so they go after your target. :smiling_imp:

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You mean by protecting myself by doing this kind thing ? (Decoy + curse) ? And malevolent spirits right ?


It’s kind of like a “hey…saw you do that thing. That so happens to be in the realm of my ability if you’re interested…”

I haven’t personally experienced anything like that.

Edit: (at least, not any that weren’t already kind of around to begin with because of the currents I deal with…)

Oh ok I see, like it “challenged” them, and if a “medium” or “high” level entites/astral etc wanders around the house I will attire myself a problem

In fact I will just stay with the banishing, reinforcing wards and cleansing of the space, it would do the job against frequent low level spirits


That should be fine.

I think you’re being way too paranoid about it, tbh

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Pour the hatred into the curse. Then be done with it. It’s good for you mentally to let it go. Holsing onto those levels of hatred are definitely unhealthy, that’s why you let it all out during the curse.

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