About the Draconian Path...? What is basis literature?

As above.


It is against the rules of the forum to ask for pirated copies of copyrighted work, so are you asking for ebooks that are specifically distributed for free by their owners?

The Temple of Ascending Flame has plenty of free pdfs about the Draconian path on their website.


Thank you.

I added “Or what is basis literature”
only to get names. I only know Kenneth
Grant’s Nightside of Eden and I wanna know more.

Check out Asenath Mason’s stuff. The Temple of Ascending Flame is her group.

I have a book from Asenath Mason reachable.
Tree of Qliphoth-Temple of the ascending Flame.

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Draconian Ritual Book, by the same author is a good source of information about draconian path.


Yes, I wish to know a bit more about the content before I buy it. Can you give me a short summary of the book, please? Which parts are worth a reading?

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This is one of those books where it is difficult to give a brief summary of what it contains - approximately 300 pages of dense text and carefully selected words. The book explains the draconian tradition, basic concepts, symbolism, includes rituals, descriptions of gods and spirits that can assist you, how to create your own ritual space, the purpose and capabilities that can be achieved through self-initiation. The book is full of information and this certainly will not leave without answers.
It covers subjects like how to start the work, kundalini, magical senses, trances, liminal states, astral travels, lucid dreaming, cleansing, grounding, energy rising, invocation, possession, sex magic, blood sacrifice, working with sigils, ritual tools…
The purpose is not only to understand the Draconian Path but to complete self-initiation by following the practical instructions.
Even it covers so many things, it’s easy to read and understand for those who are beginners as well it’s also enlighting for those who are quite familiar with the draconian path. I think you should read the whole book because it will help you to get deeper understanding of the things that you think you know enough already.


@DavidSmith Thank you very much for this summerizing explanation ^^ I need to read it.

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Here is an article about one of the first Draco magic writers.


Temple of Ascending Flame has a video on youtube in which a long list of recommended books is given and discussed. If you’re interested, they have also uploaded several other videos discussing elements of the Draconian Current.


To type ‘Temple of the ascending Flame’
in YouTube is enough for this?

Yes. The page will come up when you search for Temple of Ascending Flame. There are ten videos on the page, including the book recommendation video as well as a great video on Draconian magic. Hope that helps!


Thank you for your contribution :wink:

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Thanks for this.

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