About the cursed

Hi, I am totally newbie that don’t know any magic,

I am curious to know is it such thing on black magic that cursing someone to be single forever?

I know some people is based on their own choice that they want single forever.

I did see some people they seek for love but they can’t get it and keep failed at different relationships is like they been cursed to be single forever?

Is it really have such cruel magic?

Curses or hexes abound. By what your describing about an unhappy social life have nothing to do with a curse but your own feelings of rejection and your personality. Many people overlook the obivious which entails no magic or a hex or a curse. Improve your social skills and your bound to meet someone.

Thanks for reply, that’s not me, was just curious is it have such cursed, or someone cursed a person become a social life failer?

I know of many hexes to destroy a relationship or destroy a marriage. But I have not heard of a casting to keep someone single for life.

Yeah, I know that,I heard a magic to make someone only love to a person that they not easy get along with another person, right? That is a love spell.

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It has a lot to do with our society, just google loneliness epidemic and see how much comes up.
You are in the same boat as at least 50% of the population right now

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thanks a lot :heart:

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