About the Chicago Drill Scene

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If you’re familiar with Chicago’s drill music scene, you’ve come across the confrontations and killing happening since 2011 between gangs (STL, Tyquan World, O Block, Jaro City, 600 etc).

In this context, when an opposition dies, guys will say they’re smoking on those opps, meaning they’re smoking their enemies ashes in a disrespectful way. To mock the dead and hurt their families by doing so. They’re not literally smoking the ashes, just pretending to.

So I was wondering, do you guys believe that by doing so those people are actually calling upon death energy from deceased enemies without knowing it?


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Question. Is Tip Drill, a type of Drill music? I heard the name, just never investigated it.

Also, I would say it is VERY possible that you can call your enemies to gather forces against you by disrespecting them in death. I’m super careful not to do things like that, myself.

I find it VERY interesting that a lot of the Gangsta rap folks do end up dying in such disappointing and duplicitous ways. But, I also think it has to do with how popular these individuals may be. Since they are Celebrities, and they are watched not only by the living, BUT by the dead. And there are more dead than living, I think.

But, this is just a thought.

Nelly is definitely not drill music :joy:

This is Chicago’s drill. Read the lyrics, they’re pretty shocking:

And I believe what you’ve said makes sense. I mean, those guys are basically calling upon their deceased enemies in a way that feels almost as if they gather so much death energy that they end up dead as well. It’s a neverending circle of violence, poverty and absurdity all around.

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Drill music as a whole is highly demonic and not in regards to the “normal” demons we know and work with, but in regards to actually malefic entities astrally. Besides that though the astrology chart of Chicago and other areas which take part explain a lot (Chicago has Chiron square sun, pluto squaring moon and trining sun, etc).


What kind of evil spirits are provoking these gang wars?

Wtf i sometimes I talk shit about my dead grandfather he was asshole btw that means im cursed?

In my experience I would say they’re some form of parasites but of a higher level than any normal ones due to the amount of energy they are getting from all the low vibrational energies, public attention, etc. In regards to “evil” I’d say they aren’t necessarily evil (subjectively we would all say so but that’s their purpose, they are astral beings who feed on these things rather than having forms in our plane) but they are definitely malefic to humans at least.

They are very powerful due to the fact that they get all this attention from all these artists around the globe and the listeners, since music is able to evoke emotions in people which can be fed on, etc. This is also why music is forbidden in some cultures.

Most artists also commonly work with voodoo spirits or jinns but they aren’t malefic, so it’s some other form of astral being which I can’t particularly explain.

I’ve spoken with a few large artists which is how I reached this conclusion, there’s definitely a lot more to it though.

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From what I’ve heard it’s something like a more American pallet-friendly version of grime.

I’m just amazed that something as wild and controversial as footwork came from Chicago, not that it didn’t already generate house music and other innovations but because our culture seems to be so anti-anything that’s not either pop or whatever’s hot politically in these five minutes that anything unique tends to just get buried and lost. To that degree though I wasn’t all that surprised seeing Rashad (RIP) and Spinn teaming up with Hyperdub, Alix Perez, etc. in the UK.

While the intolerance of the American commercial pallet still isn’t quite as bad perhaps now as I remember it being back in the 2000’s it’s still got a set rubric of formulas where if anything really unique or interesting develops it seems like it would have to go overseas first to catch traction.