About Shemyaza and his amulet

I’m seeking to learn more about Shemyaza and about the master key amulet powers and purpose. I’m feel called by this spirit…

In the Azazel book I have read the J.S. Garrett chapter and wish to know if the ebook offered with the amulet as more information about the master key physical amulet and Shemyaza gnosis?

I will try here to add more clarification. Into the Azazel book, J.S. Garrett write that if anyone desires to connect to the current of Shemyaza and the Master Gods you may charge and open the seal following the instructions given and burn the seal . This simple process allow a sort of initiation into the current and awakening of several powers according to the author. I wish to know if the master key amulet has a different use and benefits also if the ebook gives new informations about this current and Master Spirit. Thanks in advance

I have emailed the support but they dont have answer. Anyone who has the amulet and ebook / online course ? What are the use of this amulet and effect on you ? It has fuelled your workings ?