About Practical jinn magick book

There is a spell to unlock a situation in the wednesday rituals in the practical jinn magick book. Can I apply this to someone I’m offended by?

Maybe. Offence is taken not given, so it might not change the situation but it might make you decide it’s not such an offence after all.

I don’t understand what do you mean?

It means it might fix your energy so you don’t mind any more.

I understand. The reason I want to do it is to have someone I don’t talk to text or call me. I guess that magic doesn’t work like that?

Ah ok, then this should work, and here’s also “contact me” spells you can do.

I adapted the following to get someone to contact me and he texted me within 2 days:

If you’re wanting to use Practical Jinn Magick, one of the Saturday rituals is to cause someone to become stuck in a loop of obsessive thoughts about something of your choosing. So you may be able to use it to have them think of you obsessively for a few days. Of course it may not be good thoughts about you that they obsess over