About pact with the devil

Hi, I’m new here … and I have many doubts about the pact with the devil. For me to make a pact do I need to choose some daemon that I identify with or can I do directly with lucifer ?! And what lucifer can offer me in return ?! I can ask anything I want?

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Introduce yourself first please. Click the link below.


You don’t have to make a pact with just Lucifer. You can make one with any demon.

That really depends on what you’re looking for. Some demons may be better for certain goals than others.

As for Lucifer specifically, I’ve read that he can offer knowledge and wisdom in the magick department. I’ve never worked with him, so I could be wrong.

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Lucifer can help you with pretty much anything. He’s an all around demon. So, feel free to ask him if he can help you with something.

Though let me tell you that the word “devil” isn’t liked very much, because it’s a false Christian understanding of him.


You don’t need a pact to help you achieve your goals…

Rushing into a pact with any spirit where you can’t hear, see or feel them is doomed to fail so work on your astral senses and then develop a relationship before even thinking of a pact.


I have to agree here. And that would be my next post.

@Patty_2000 you first need to gain knowledge and then wisdom. For now, research about things, instead of rushing to requests.

Spirits, aren’t that wierd, they are somewhat like humans. Learn about them, get to know them and then, you can work with them.

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I recommend you start working on meditation,

The void meditation from AdamThoth and his visualization meditations to train your astral senses.

If you want to go on the chakra route, try powermeditations with madras etc to fully stimulate your energy pathways and chakras.


Some time ago I watched a rare interview of Efrem Del Gatto, an Italian Luciferianist. He said that while it can’t be expected to have major improvements in the moment one enters LHP, indeed it would be possible to make a pact for the money, power or glory.


Step one: LEarn about these spirits.
Step two: WOrk with them through invocation and eventually evocation.
Step three: Get to know them on a personal level, to the point where you fear you may be going mad.
Step four: Once you know these spirits very well, request to Lucifuge Rofocale to enter into a pact with (insert spirit name).
Step 5: ???
Step 6: Profit. Come on, you knew I was gonna do this


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