About our reality the physical earth

I have been feeling this energy for awhile and let me explain it… the physical earth we call home is indeed a hologram or a simulation our bodies are indeed avatars so we can use them to experience the simulated hologram… the spirits gods etc are the creators of this program the ones who wrote the code and want us as humans to stay in the matrix and experience it fully which is why they want us to have human bodies and embrace the flesh demons like Azazel say to embrace the human flesh instead of escaping it ie embrace the simulation instead of plugging out of it via magick soul travel etc the other realms are also other programs and realites we go when we die when our time in this program is up and our hologram avatars here become expired… we simply get programmed into another simulation or Astral spirit realm after death sounds nuts I know but I can’t stop feeling this way and seeing my surroundings as projections and holograms
I can’t escape the matrix…



I feel like shouting out “this is a matrix hologram none of its real people we are all in a goddamn simulation” I’m going insane…


I feel my spirit body trapped in this fucking hologram android they call a human body aka the flesh it’s just a damn suit…

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Indeed. Perhaps try looking up moksha

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You’re here to enjoy and feel grounded in these sensations, to embrace them rather than reject them.

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Just gonna drop this here :alien:

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