About my incubus

I’ve been with him for years. And once I start talking to him I had otherworldly orgasms no joke. But I’m wondering if he could be potentially dangerous to me in anyway. :neutral_face: I’ve tried banishing him. Nope. Every religion I’ve tried didn’t work. There’s one thing that seems to work. Salt. Blessed salt. I don’t think he leaves I just think he quiets down. He first had sex with me when I was 8 but since then i haven’t felt his touch so… yea. Thoughts?

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In my experience there are no real negative effects, all the myths and the negative you have heard about incubus/succubus is superstition and far from the truth.

but! you can have nights where you don’t get any sleep, when you are both in the mood :wink:
but that is not so different to having a good night with a human lover I suppose.

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I see. Thing is most of the time he’s always in the mood. He’s very strong. When I used to refuse to give him anything for weeks he’d get forceful I wouldn’t be able to stop myself.

You may feel drained when your not 100% so just set up a mystical boudary or sheild and state you are recovering to spirits so no interaction until you have healed or feel better.