About me

Hi im just a 15 year old trying my best to be able to communicate with lucifer cause im really interested in the occult and would love to get to know alot more about black magick the demons the universe etc etc.
I used to be a christian about 2 years ago but i found out that its just a bunch of frickin garbage and i hate christianity its not my thing.
Of course in the future i would love to contact and work with belial king paimon and alot of other spirits
But at the moment im trying to get in touch with lucifer.

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Have you ever grown a plant?

What are u on about ???

Many lessons can be learned in tending a garden.

Ok just wondering are u being sarcastic or not pls be honest

And i dont believe you btw i think you are testing me

Not at all.
In studying the patterns of growth within the natural realm around us, we can become aware of an innumerable amount of traits, archetypes, and thoughts that we may have never noticed.

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Ok then good to know i guess

Thank you for doing an introduction, and welcome :slight_smile:

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