About me

I’m beginner in practicing black magic. My interest for the moment are so called Black Arts.

Welcome @SkySnows Please tell us about yourself.

Where do you hail from?

What areas of magick are you interested in learning?

Are there any goals or struggles you are looking to magick to help with?

More information is required, so we can provide you with appropriate advice and direction.


1 Be more explicit in the question.
2 Death, revenge spells, curses, money spells, lust spells. I 'm interested in folk magick (tarrot divination, astrology, Roman magick, Greek string magick, Paracelsus writing about elemental spirits, Vodoo, Gypsi magick), quinbada occult system, Chaos Magick system and demonology.
3 My goal is to gain experience thought practice. Struggles: the bouncing back of spells, the lack of finnacial support to practice at full time magick.

Same here, i wish you the best of luck

have you ever done any spells that have worked. if so what are they?

Where do you come from @SkySnows?

And welcome :blush:

How much more explicit can the question be? It’s literally just asking where are you from.

From my little experience I have the best results I had with folk Gypsi magick, no bounce back, rapid and low cost materials the same is with African magick some protection spells with short lasting results. I did a lust spell and freeze spell using Gypsi magick spell with optimal results. Christian magick (Saint Nicolas), slow results with nondesireable but lasting results, love spell and money spell. Jewish angel magick ( evocation of Ariel ) a complete disaster. My location for it will be secret.

Did the love spell work?? sorry 'm just looking for one that actually works very well right now


Clean a core of orange at any time of day or night put a paper with the person’s name, a photo or a seal representing the person fold the paper towards you then put the cinnamon and sugar saying: “Sweeten yourself”. Put the lid on and put four points of wax from a candle on the orange. I used two, one white and one indigo which I thought was black, and in the middle of the cross I put the wax from the indigo candle. The base is orange, sugar (sweet), cinnamon and candle. Beware that others more experienced than me wrote that from 14th on may until 25 june venus will retrograde so it isn’t a good time for love spells. Evoking St. Nicolas is also a good choice if you are willing to put a lot of energy. Again you must light a candle at Saint Nicolas church and then every night you must imagine a black board with 3 negative thoughts (your principal thoughts) about the person you want ( ex. I’m unattractive to … He doesn’t love me) that you erase and write down three times three positive thoughts you wish to acomplish ( ex I’m attractive to , He loves me).

thank you so so much :black_heart: