About Loving Yourself

You can solve all of your problems by being connected to yourself.

If you have to try to love yourself because you want to view yourself as a “good” or “valuable” person, you will never succeed.

If you have to even ask why you would just love yourself regardless of being a good person or not, you don’t see it. It’s not about judging yourself at all.

If you connect to who you are as a person, just that, then you are at peace with yourself and you wouldn’t care about proving yourself to other people or comparing yourself to other standards about how good you’re supposed to be.

To be clear, you should not love yourself for all of your positive qualities, that’s the opposite of what I’m saying. You should love yourself because you understand and accept yourself. That’s what it means to be worthless.

Accept your judgments to, see the inherent peace that comes from that too.

The primary cause of feeling negative emotions is the inability to accept yourself, on a deeper level than this. It affects how you view situations in life and your ability to handle things.

This is just my gnosis and understanding of this.


Great and loving words, can I ask you a question, if someone (I), truly, deeply, and sincerely loves him/herself, what will be his/her first step in that journey, like for example myself. I am careless, ruthless, kind, passionate, dark, sinister, caring, and loving, these are some of my traits.
I accept them, I embrace them but how can I completely embody them, is there any method, something, you’ll want to share?

Thank you


The way that I realized this was that you have to get in touch with your own being as a person. What that means is that you get in touch with your sense of self and who you are. This is not the same thing as the ego, but with the way you genuinely think and feel, it’s also intuitive. I would recommend asking dark goddesses to help you with that, their love and help you see that. For me, it was as simple as evoking and asking for help while making that intuitive connection to myself.

However, your socially constructed identity and the ideas of who you are have to be seen through, because if you allow perceptions from society or other people to determine what you are, it will cause a separation in yourself because you have to think of your own value in an objective sense.


Exactly, this is my root problem, that’s why I failed all the time when it comes to me.
I only know and love LILLITH, but my connection with her is pretty on & off-type, the reason is me only.
Anyway, thank you so much for your suggestions I definitely look at it.

Be Blessed!


I think the biggest take away from this is that it is okay to feel whatever feelings you feel. I think often people see themselves in a negative light because of how they feel (or how they felt) about something.

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