About human potential in Magick


Hello everyone! I am an avid learner about magick and i am seeking answers from the magicians themselves about a couple of doubts about this brave new world i am studiying.

1 - how powerfull can a human be (energetically speaking) without the aid of theurgy or goetian practice?, i mean, by willpower and one own soul alone without the aid of any spirit.

2 - how do you view the asistance from spirits? How it is? It is like a loan? A favor?

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and opinions you people! Feel free to correct anything i might have said, i am quite a newcomer.


idk about the other stuff but with the asistance its more like a mentor relationship type thing and it depends on how long you practice with out aid to get stronger


It’s difficult to separate the individual’s progress from “spontaneous external aids”, but one’s spirit is equal to the others. The only thing is that a preliminary unlocking (just the entities, or also a guru) may be needed in order to access that spirit, its full potential; not mandatory, though.


Here is an answer to the question 1:
Human being has consentrated amounts of sexual energies and people do tend to underestimate that. As a human being you naturally have the sexual energies to work with. yogic practises utilise sexual energies.


I think i got it, we are spirits too and we have the potential to be powerfull despite being incarnated in human form, the issue is recognizing myself beyond the identity from this lifetime…Am i right? (man that sounds quite dificult to achieve).


Yes, the spiritual essence is one’s true identity.
The esotericist René Guénon wrote that in ancient times a sort of self initiation was maybe possible, but now the situation is more difficult; Evola agreed on this last point. At the same time, is not easy to find an authentic spiritual master.
Both the ways are open, with their challenges. In fact according to someone else (but also cases of a few people), man may still progress alone.


I see…Is it recomended to start with my energy and extrasensory perception before delving into magick? (Or at least start with something relatively safe to beginners, like angelic beings)…People in this forum write about extraordinary visions and experiences and i cant even perform an astral projection yet hahaha.

Thank you for your answers.


You’re welcome :slight_smile: Extrasensory perception and learning to raise and direct energy are surely useful, evocation’s “field” included. About astral projection: practice in a dark room or dim the lights, breathe in this way: slow and long inhalation-pause-slow and long exhalation-pause, meanwhile concentrating on Sahasrara (the chakra at the top and in the middle of the head) and on a dot or a little flame.
The first entities to summon may be elementals: Osipeh, Aphtiph, Musar etc.


Thanks again, i have studied a lot about the chakras, made reiki (i still have to build up that habit) and i can feel my own energy at least and direct it to some degree…I have grown a lot of inner strenght in the last years, but the extrasensory part doesnt get developed yet…I will follow your advice and focus in the shahasrara chakra a bit more.


Hiya OP! IME humanity is the only ready-made receptacle of the infinity of Divine energy and form, which is to say that everybody’s limits are only an illusion! Humans can express anything if they’re aware of and actively go beyond their limitations. There’s no engine better than a human body! :slight_smile: