About horror movies

I am curious, If posessions we see in horror movies are true?

They seem to hurt human body .

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I’ve been possessed many a time. It’s never hurt me. It’s like your body going on autodrive, letting your mind sleep, having someone else take the wheel.


Most of the horror these days,straight out disrespectful and most spirits might laught at it r hate it

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How did you save yourself?

There are supposed instances in voodoo rites, that the possessed eats glass and no harm happens.Though I can and I will never speak from experience on this one.

But if the possessor is trying to hurt the possessed, that seems likely but then there are constent problems will arise which means victim wasnt willing to that and will try to fight back.

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I typically am partially possessed several times a week to allow my Deities to consumed things through me. I’ve only been fully possessed once, by my consent, and don’t remember anything from it.

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No I wish it was that much fun.

How ?

I just asked them to fuck off. Although tbf it was a lot easier for me than it is for many people so don’t try unless your spirit is nice or you know how to use it.


No, I believe a majority of possessions we see in film today are based off of the Exorcist, which was the first major film to make it big in box offices in regards to that subject in hopes of being just as successful in their own way. Possession seemed to vary by the spirits and the culture around the ritual, so I would argue that possession by demons and other groups of spirits (such as lwa) are different experiences to some degree (keep in mind that it is based on my observations not experiences).

As far as reality goes, I tend to be in agreeance of what EA spoke about the different stages of possession. The violent stage described in most exorcism movies is an exaggeration of a stage where two aspects of one’s personality is clashing before the spirit enters the body.

I’ve been possessed by Belial and the best way I can describe it is that while I was still conscious and aware, I was not an active participant but an observer while he pulled the strings.


I’ve been possessed, first time was by a demon and I couldn’t see, second time I was possessed was by a common spirit and it was easy to take control again, not going into details. It was a fight I wish I never have entered. Before I was possessed by this spirit, I felt an energy enter me.

Most horror movies is just based on entertainment so being accurate on the truth doesn’t really matter, I read somewhere on the forums that you can see yourself as an observer ( Just like C.Wilson has said) you’re basically in third person. That is true.

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How did you get rid of that energy ?

I would say will power, I thought about my mother, my dog and my brother.

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In my case, Belial left as the pact we had expired and was released through a closing ritual. The pact had included teachings from him via evocation, invocation, possession, and eventually perfect possession (much harder to achieve that I could only maintain for a short period of time. It is when both entities are active within one body and work as one). It was a process where full permission had been given and restrictions placed beforehand. So I did not have to forcible remove Belial.

Residue energy can be removed through various cleansing rituals.


What i can say is that at times and sometimes even days mentally im totally off for no reason at all, and on those days and moments that it happens only the people close to me can recognize whats really happening. Now weather you wanna call that possession or not. But the only way i can get out of that state is by meditation.

I completely stopped watching horror movies after I started working with spirits specially demons , I felt like it would give me expectations of negative stuff subconsciously!


Its true but I think they are too dramatic. It varies on the type of entity that is possessing you. Normally, your mind can race, involuntary movement/actions etc. Mostly small things. The way they depict it is as if your full blown possessed and being manipulated.

I once did an invocation to Belial at 3:33am.
I did his enn and said his invocation prayer with allot of my energy towards him. Then after I was done something told me to do a video in my room so I did. I saw an orb moving fast in my room. I knew it had to be Belial. After that I fell asleep.
At 5am my alarm went off. I went to turn it off and I saw Belial’s sigil ram me. I was shoved on my bed to my side. I couldn’t move, couldn’t talk, couldn’t open my eyes, and convulsing. It felt like a semi hit me going 60.
The energy was so intense and strong.

I want to know was that a possession or something else??

Have you done banishing after your ritual?
If not,

No I didn’t.