About Gremori - Call me Duchess Gamori

Hi Everyone,

This post is about Duke Gremori or to my sens Duchess Gamori.

I wanted to work with her for a while but I did not really have a purpose, and suddenly I realized that she would be an amazing help about a serious thing for me right now.

So i decided to do an invocation yesterday and from work i printed her sigil twice: one for the invocation/sigil openning and another one to sleep with to see if i get any message…

so, for the invocation i decided to put 5 tealight candles as a pentagram around the sigil over a mirror - with another testimony candle and some random incense.

As i started to repeat her name:Gremori I heard that she prefered to be call “Gamori”, the temperature in the room got cooler and as the sigil started to flash gold she appeared in my mind

She was like some description already made, to say a very luminous women, thin, with long blond hair tied into a bun that she undid ( you know the slow motion hair release like in the movies) , and her hair started to float in "the wind"
she told me that the image i was seeing right now was my own imagination and that i did not have to focus on how she looks.

she is sensuality embodied and she made me feel like being soft and pure sensuality.
her voice though was hoarse and at the same time high pitched - you guys imagine Marge Simpson’s voice?but with power and presence.

so after the ritual, i went to bed with the other sigil. i placed my left hand over the sigil all night ( under my pillow) but nothing happened/shown to me until 20 min before having to wake up.
my left hend started tingling- i thought i was laying in a bad position and i fell asleep thinking that i should not wait for her, and she appeared!!!

she was in front of me face forward, not that tall pale skin, jet black hair with a messy stylish hair bob,her eye where black shinning red like hypnotizing. and she was just smiling at me like a cheeky goth girl ( i would make out with her - honestly)

since then i am feeling fantastic and sexy, cheeky and confident AF, as i never have confidence issue, but i am feeling over the top!

she likes to have fun, to play games and to flirt, and she is obnoxious knowing her worth!

i’ll tell you - and girls especially - how she worked for me :slight_smile: because you’ll need her for this special endeavour for sure!

Hail Duchess Gamori!


Thanks for the awesome and thrilling account of your real life situation…I felt like I was right there with you as I was reading your entry!!! Enticing. Glad to hear of your success!!! Beautiful.


I try to explain as much as possible, because what we are told in books and in real life is not the same. and Gamori was on point saying, the image you see now is not me, but those were what others saw and what i have been reading about her.


Love reading! Please always continue to post. Looking to read your other entries right now hehe. No newspaper4me…gimme a coffee and good posts here!!! Real reading. Thank you. :wink:


then you have a few post that i wrote to read here , but nothing really crazy :rofl:


Great discription Elle



Now that i got what i ask but did not take it, I am going to tell you girl especially what it was!

I ask Dutchess Gamori to provide me a Sugar Daddy! not only she fullfilled my wishin less then 3 days, but also she did not only sent me one but severals!

Duchess Gamori is awesome but then i declined all the proposition i got because what they where offering me did not correspond to what i wanted/ needed.

Hail Gamori!


hmmm, a sugar daddy… i could use one of those! :smiley:

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definitly , but!
sugar as a price… sex exchange, girlfriend pretending etc… and my energy was just to clean for them desperate guys and sometimes sex obsessed and freaking dirty minds… ( and my mind is dirty too trust me)
really tooooooo clean! even dirty demons are cleaner :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Ha everyone wants a sugar daddy until it’s time to give daddy som sugar.


yeah but why the hell aren’t there some handsome sugar daddies?

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One came as Christian Grey like in the book/movie 50 shades! but he was into licking my entire body dressed into leather clothing! and licking my dirty high heel pumps! come on Gamori :rofl: :rofl::rofl: the guys was litteraly a BILLIONAIRE! no joke on a simple web site like tinder not even hard to find ! he was fucking handsome Italian material with a horse one!( sorry for the detail once again no lie!!! a horse one!)

but he was hell of a freak, do you see me moaning for hours while he’s licking my shoe? and at the same time wanking?:rofl::rofl::rofl:

i know i am such a lady… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Live the role


i had no problem living the role the first week! but he started to call me all the time… i wanted to be the vampire and he sucked my energy!

by the way , very nice body!

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Maybe you should ask for a handsome sugar daddy who makes you happy and you can play the vampire with him? :kissing_heart: :joy:

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i am on it :wink:

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What was your exact ritual to her did you chant her enn? Gaze at her sigil? Can you list what you did step by step

opening sigil and calling her name that’s it

Sounds like a fun time.

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Reading this discussion … i think i will soon ask Gremory to send me some Sugar Mummy … i am also a pretty dark … i don’t think i ask too much

Thanks for the idea to make extra money :wink: