About fear - In-spiration

You fear a little or too much something depending on how much you appreciate it can hurt you, defining its liking but also the degree of approach, for example cat and tiger, but others are still adventurous, perhaps earning something special.

You fear something you don’t understand.

Fear is one of the most basic emotions of the human being. Fear has a very important utility in our life. Our big problem with fear is that we live with dysfunctional fears. It MUST be DENOTED that since it is a basic and primary emotion in every human being to feel it brings great consequences on the organism.On the other hand when we feel fear, it also leads us to feel helpless and this causes us to retire because of the perception of a danger, real or supposed, present, future or even past. At the level of understanding, fear serves to survive, it is an adaptive mechanism to an environment that, at times, gives us reason to fear it. Here two lines are mixed: our self-esteem and our self-concept, our self-esteem because it is our security (according to our beliefs about what is safe or not) and self-concept because it is what we have deduced or are convinced.
This process of valuation is, therefore, something totally internal and that has much to do with our perception of reality. It is, for this reason, that fears can be overcome and made strong with patience and perseverance, that is, fear is only an emotion that reacts according to our mental patterns, our beliefs and thoughts.

In synthesis: Fear in itself is positive, it helps us move away from an event for which we are not yet prepared.