About energy attraction

hi guys.
I don’t know how to explain this correctly but, I’ll try to be the brief as I can be.
since I started to search about goetia and all this kind of stuff, I found myself looking at a bunch of belial invocation videos and etc., starting with the videos made by E.A Koeting at youtube and passing through other channels about the subject, I started to feel myself in a kind of permanent status of rage like, it seems that I’m angry all the time. also, I’m kinda perseiving some things I’m usually don’t about some persons that have evil intensions towards me, I mean, that somehow wants to harm me in some ways or are talking about me in a deprecitive way etc. so, my question, did you guys think that it’s possible that somehow, I’ve absorved the energy of belial or is he influencing me in some way? or is this just coincidence? what path should I take from now?

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I feel this is way to little to pick a path from. I would say just ask Belial yourself and find out, he’ll tell you if it’s him or not.