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i have read about many types of magical creature and and many beings but not about the elf can anyone define it to me and how can i do work with them

Hello my friend. :slight_smile:
Elves are elemntals or what we call spirits of nature. They live in realm simmilar to ours which is called Eternal Blissis. There are many varieties of elves there are woodland elves, fire elves, gray elves, green elves, blue elves, gold elves, silver elves, high elves, lowland elves, river elves, sea elves, hill elves, forest elves, blessed elves, mountain elves, wind elves and meadow elves. Elves like to live in groups, you will rarely find a solitary elf, they are very social and when the opportunity arises they will be friendly towards mortals. Elves are very protective towards nature and the Earth, and they want humans to take more care of the Earth and become more in touch with nature. They also are similar to faeries they like to party, like jokes and so on. Also as faeries or as everybody else there are good elves and mischevious ones. So be careful about those bad asses. How to get in touch with them? There are ways like for example meditation, building shrine for them or perform and elven spell. I used meditation. You can meditate in home or also in forest which i find little bit more effective. Also you can bring offering/treats for them for example : ginger,cinamon,honey on bread…And also you can make offerings for them and put them into your garden ( thats how they will start noticing you …)…Honestly I worked with elves only 3 months …i find faeries more interesting and they are funnier​:joy: I hope i helped you a little bit :hugs:


can u tell where i can find these videos of meditation

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and thank you very much for helping me dear

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So I did not watched any meditation video guides but i can write you steps. :slightly_smiling_face:

Meditating inside/outside:

-Go in a room that doesnt have distractions / or go into forest where you have piece.

-put some incense: lavender / in forest you dont need it

-have a crystal with you (personally I hold them in my hand ): Id hold an amethys on one of my hands and with the other a crystal you connect to (I hold on my other hand a bloodstone since its what I connect to most )

-(optional) if you want to light a candle id recomend a purple candle, white , green or black . (again in my opinion ) / in forest no candles😂

Just get comfortable and have your intention clear , if you wanna communicate w/ elves dont be thinking bout anything else
Once you close your eyes , ground yourself , take deep breaths and clear your head

And from there on its all up to you

Elves are quite straight foward per say if you meditate with intentions of meeting one theyll most likeley appear unlike faries who are quite cautious

–When I first communicated with elves the first one to appear is most likely your elven guide (which is what happened to me) but everyone has different experiences so who know

Meditation process is same outside and inside only difference is that in nature you have higher contact and in nature you dont need to burn incense and candles (just you your stones and nature [and also offering if you want]). Hope i helped a little bit😂

Basically they’re your average type of Fae.

I was wondering what is the difference between an elf and a fairy? The reason why i ask is because I had one of them followed me home after work. I got the idea that she wanted to be my familiar and that was the start of our relationship.

I call her mira ( from fairy tail)

She loves to dance and play pranks, she a healer and energy worker (among other things) . She said she always had her eyes on me but dident approach me for some time.

Any way i cannot hear mira but i can feel her presence so we do yes/ no questions. I interact with her daily but i desire to make things more comfortable for her. I do not want her to feel like being tied to me is a chore.

If there is any information anyone can give me it would be very appreciated as well as how to hear her voice telepathically.

Ty in advance.

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Some think of faeries and elves as two closely related species; some may even use the words interchangeably. This is predominantly the human viewpoint. Yes they are in category fay but they are not the same species.
Still others see faeries and elves as more like races of the same species rather than distinct species of their own. Faeries and elves are in fact probably at least more closely related than horses and donkeys. though in human terms (which terms the elves seem to enjoy using more than do the faeries, who don’t really care what you think), the elves would say it is the faeries who are the donkeys.And this brings up one of the most distinctive differences between faeries and elves. For all the wisdom that elves do surely possess, they seem to be a bit preoccupied with what humans, or at least some Big Name Pagan Humans, think of them…faeries just dont really care about what people think they are just livin for the moment and enjoyin life😂
For example i have worked with elven male (he was beautifulll🤩), he taught me many things but he was how to say it …arrogant, full of himself and also i felt like i was annyoing to him even though he was the one who made contact…he knew how good he was looking and he knew that i really like him so he was acting like a king of 7worlds😂 i think that elves are more like humans with attitude and also with look. But i cant complain he helped me a lot and we are still friends some kind of😂
Faeries are my sweethearts💕 They are party beasts, music experts and pranksters. Even though it takes time to make faerie believe your intentions but when you make them believe you that you are friend and you want to learn something they will be really friendly…Seelie faeries or faeries from Sun court are more human friendly than Unseelies or faeries from Moon court … but i would not say that Unseelies are all bad they just dont trust us that much…also there are different kinds of faeries so i would ask somehow your little friend what kind is she if you dont know…she could be garden faerie,Sylph…when you find out it could help you with offerings and so on.

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Ty man as i was reading this she hopped on my shoulder and started reading with me. When she was done she started pointing to Unseelies, which made sense to me. At some point in time she started to feel ‘different’ like she was changing if that make sense. So i asked her if this had something to do with the moon and she said ‘yes’. For offerings i give her fruit and water but upon typing this she said that she dident always enjoy them. If someone could tell me the approach offerings it would be much appreciated as well as where i can find some info on Unseelies. wiki is not a source.

Before i forget to hear and see your elf friend you practiced your physic skills.

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Faeries like for example honey and butter on bread, but they are thankful for honey the most , for “drink” they like milk or rosewater, also like “snack” i am giving them cinamon, sugar,ginger…what i found out is that they like things mainly homemade… also they are obssesed with rosemary …hmm where you can find something about Unseelies, i think that wiki is not bad but there are some bullshits… i learned about them at the begining from my books which are old and in Slovak language so i dont think it would help you …but i saw a youtube channel about fay and i think that it is good where to begin, but there is not that much about Unseelies… What do you want to know about them ? I think that when you are beginner you should focus on the “light one “ first because contact with Unseelies is how to say it little bit for the skilled ones because they are mischevious with big M …they will try to trick you, they will test you more than Seelies… but i dont say they are bad or not human friendly they just would not trust you at the beggining and to gain their trust it takes some time…

Ty mira was going crazy when i read your post about the offerings. She said she’s a Unseelies, though idk she could be tricking me to some degree. But even if she is i still care about her and understand its her nature, I desire to have a bond with mira.

What i meant about the dark comment I meant that she felt darker like some aspect of her being was changing. Because when she followed me home she felt very light. Anyway does the time of day matter? Like are Unseelies nocturnal the reason why i asked is because when mira came to my house it was the dead of night.

They’re basically a form of Norse fairy. Many classic fantasy creatures come in different mythologies with different names. Jotun and fomorians are giants. Aswang and strigoi are vampires.

As an incarnation of Elf myself I call it kinda… misinformation, allthough I hope unintentional. Elves are NOT Elementals, allthough there are Elemental-Elf hybrids if f.ex. their parents were of those species. What for Elven types, I have to dissapoint You. There are four of them from my current knowledge: Light (Ljósálfar), Dark (Dökkalfar), Wild and Void Elves. They are indeed very much connected to all the elements. But each of them is different and have his/her own specialisation so to say… What for abilities and physical appearence, look up Tolkien’s works. He was in actual contact with real Elves so his books are very much based on our real species :slightly_smiling_face: But yes, they indeed do care for Nature and Earth. They are so-called “Nature Beings”, entities much more in tune with Natural and Spiritual word than humans. They can aldo be multidimentional (4 dimentional from what I remember, speaking of Spiritual planes ofc)
Edit: the realm in which they dwell is Alfheim. A world inside other dimention we call Nature Realm. I have never heard of this “Eternal Blissis” You talk about, nor did any other Elven entity or incarnation I know… That realm You speak about probably does not exist in the first place…

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There’s also elves from different cultures that while their elements may be similar like earth, water, light, dark, etc. they have some differences like Norse elves, Celtic elves, Greek, etc. some groups in Celtic like the seelie, unseelie, and tribals have similar elves within each group and Windsor forest elves associated with the group of forest fae called greenies. These are the ones I’ve come across in the etheric plane. Oh there’s also starseed elves called the Elenari.

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Are there any African elves?

There’s African Fae. However, the culture simply adopted them. They are not literally African.

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ok thanks