About Dreaming

are the dreams or nightmares somekind of communication or message from the spirits?

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They can be, but never assume that they always are. Your subconscious uses dreams to communicate to you as well as to simply express itself.

Dreams directly after ritual can have special significance though.



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@anon2428374 I am agreed with @DarkestKnight on this one. I will say from my experience that I’ve had times where something that felt extremely alien was in my dreams. Alien as in entities that felt out of place vice extra terrestrials. I believe they were outside entities interacting with me. But most of the time I believe my dreams are me/my subconscious.


Most of my dreams are my own but after a long time of journaling my dreams I 've realized a lot of patterns. So it seems like I’ve dealt and accepted my subconcious enough that I can recognize when its my dream. I am more able to tell when a spirit is in my dream.

That is the best way I can explain. An alien feeling like something is not of my creation. I may create the form of whomever is speaking. Like I created the marionette’s body and suddenly I sense someone else is pulling the strings.

Its not terrible as it may sound. Its easier if they take the form of someone you like, admire or desire. You are more likely to listen to them otherwise.And you can find out a lot about them based on form that are more comfortable to them.