About destroying or keeping your sigils.Planetary and Spare sigils)

3 questions

After activating you have to destroy the sigil or can you keep it?

Sigils created using the magicak square of a planet, can be destroyed or these, being other type should always be kept?

About forgetting the sigil: It is the only procedure, or you can also focus on it everyday?
If forgetting the sigil is essential: what do to when although you want to ignore and forget the sigil, the idea comes back to he mind sometimes? You can´t control thoughts 100%.

You can do whatever you want. With Spare style sigils there are no rules.

They can be destroyed, or kept, depending on their purpose.

As stated above, there are no rules for Spare style sigils. The basic procedure is to fire and forget, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it that way.

You don’t have to forget the sigil, just the conscious intent behind it. The Spare technique of sigils uses your subconscious mind for manifestation.

the intent will be remembered at some moment. Thoughts can´t be totally silenced for ever. What to do then?

Don’t worry about it. Random thoughts don’t matter. It is the constant dwelling on the intention that prevents the manifestation.

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