About demon of the sun, Sorath

i am learning about sun magick from amaterasu! and i want to learn about the “dark” side of the sun
so im interested with Sorath, so anyone have deep relationship with him/her?

so what is his speciality?
for war/defend magick or curse
and what is his appearance / aura handsome guy warm or hot demonic etc

share you experience guys

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If you search BALG’s YouTube you’ll find 2 sequential videos on this topic that may give you some idea.

He does not seem the type to court just for a quickie, though of course people’s opinions on this and astral alignments make it impossible to create a rule for the matter.


E.A. Koetting covered this in depth on YouTube and I have to agree with him. Sorath with push your limits to make you grow. Other than that, try asking him through evocation about himself?


I just invoked him for a working and happened upon this question. He does not seem to be one to take lightly at all.