About courage to evoke

I don’t dare to perform evocation of a demon. I have Azazel triangle of manifestation and incense associated with the demon but every time I’m going to setup fear comes inside me and lose my courage. I’m afraid of evoking demons despite I want to. What happens to me? I watch videos about people doing evocations of demons and tells about their wonderful experiences. It makes me depressed and I don’t know what to do. I have working invoking Mars energy to develop courage but without results.

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just practice meditation, it will eventually happen by itself through that.

I don’t understand.

Part of magick for me has been to identify my fears and learn to confront them head on directly. I understand where you are coming from. It’s easy to watch youtube and see success stories but there are also tales of evocation gone wrong. I’ve only had one bad experience with evocation and that was my fault due to a mistake I made in my attitude and how I approached a spirit.

My thoughts for your situation are to meditate and reflect on your fears and then resolve to challenge them directly. Replace fear with a confident “yes, I can attitude”. Easier said than done I know.

I wish you success.


I’m not afraid of pain or bad experiences. It’s only that I can die I fear. That the either the spirit will kill me or I would go into so intense psychological experiences that it would kill me.


Begin with the system of evocation of the gallery of magick : " Demons of Magick" propose rituals to contact Demons with a secure structure through angelic and archangelic intervention. You will feel safe and as you progress you will gain confidence and come To more … “raw” method.

Or begin with demon sigil opening. When you will be in confidence with demonic energy and communication with Demons, you will take the next step and evoke without fear.


I agree with @Darkgalaad if you use the demons of Magick grimiore then you’ll be employing the shem angels in your workings. These are like supervisor angels that ensure the demon will behave properly and stay on the task you assign it.

Btw the shem method is used by orders such as the OTA and many others. It’s an effective and safe way to evoke.


Do you know what it is that you fear?

I used an angel to get over my fear of demons. Then I worked with a demon to get over my residual/remaining fear of demons.


This is something that the Goetia especially seem to like doing. You can think of it as a sort of “test,” or perhaps a “trial” or “challenge.” The Goetia especially like doing this.

Either you’ll evoke the demons, or you won’t. What’ll it be.

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Try working with Thor or Zeus or maybe the egyptian pantheon but Isis, Seth and Apep are very powerful and open the Gates of the demonic

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I would say use the gallery of magicks method or go straight for Belial, if you can handle Belial’s evocation without and angel and his test that will follow you will have done a couple years worth of magick in a short period of time, summoning Belial is the more extreme method.

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