About burning sigils

I watched back the full curriculum in videos during the last week and there was somethings that I dind’t understand.
In one of the first videos E.A explain that one of his rules was to never let more than 3 sigils opened, and that he burned them after.
A question I asked myself was, did he burn the sigil just after the evokation of the demon OR after the demon have accomplished his mission (bringing back money, girl, whathever the task his, I just don’t consider the case of a simple communication where the task is over after the talk is finished ).
Thanks a lot if someone could bring some light to me on this question

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Once the goal is complete.

I’ve done both, I go by feel of the situation, I don’t think there is any set time-limit.

Just pay your respects to the spirit and burn the sigal if you are ready to open another. The link has already been created. If you feel more comfortable leaving it around, that’s fine too…like I said I’ve done both and gotten results.