About backfiring, magickal consequences and protection

I´d ike to share these thoughts with you. Recently I was talking about this subject with two magicians.One is a Chaos and other a Hodoo old witch. Their opinion is that there is not such thing like backfiring, being this a moral misconception, as you are totally free of exercising your will, and that it is the same to exercise your will and own benefit regardless it is through magick or through your personal strenght, your economical and social status etc. If you are a powerful and rich person who despotically exercise your power and you do not need protection for this, why should you need it if your will is obtained through magick?, they said. What do you think?

I don’t believe in backfiring in the sense of karma, and I don’t believe in backlash/negative consequences occurring as some ‘natural law’ of using your will to affect change.

But I do believe that belief in such things can taint magical workings. So it’s important to let go of lust for results, but equally important not to stress over negative consequences.


I usually, when doing a petition or few other types of spells/rituals add “without harm done”…just in case.

I also don’t do stuff that goes against someone’s free will, that’s more moral based though. I don’t really believe that much in the karma system. I do however believe in a “cause and effect” type system. However not because what you did is bad, but more like unintended consequences.

I’ve slung stuff of different shades of gray, some straight-up black. I’ve not had anything come back to me, but I also make sure I’m really sure I should do this. If I have questions, I ask Belial or someone similar to make sure it’s “justified” and should work if I perform it properly.

So, if I have any questions, I ask. But I’m not worried about any kind of blowback due to the nature of the working.

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It’s a lucky sumbitch who’s practiced in the occult for any extended period of time without a spell backfiring. Almost cute that any who have then concluded, therefore, that they in point of fact can’t backfire.

They can and sometimes do. Everything costs.