About Baal Berith

I would like to know if someone has worked with him. I have starting my journey in magick like a month ago, some days ago i made my first evocation, and i have been working with LBRP and meditation, but i would like to have a demon mentor who helps me to work in my development, I’m not sure, but in a sort of intuitive feeling, his name sounds interesting for that purpose.

I tried to collect some information searching about him in the forum and some books, but the majority of information i found were discussions about his nature (about Bael, Baal, and that kind of stuff), and some shorts descriptions.
I read he usually appears in red armour or red clothes, and that usually he is called a liar because the way he tells the truth may be a bit confusing, also, i read that to evoke him, you have to wear a silver ring, and that he can turn metals into gold.

my questions are, is the ring really necessary? if i don’t have it, would he be offended? what kind of offerings i could give him? (i know offerings are not an obligation, but i would like to show him my gratitude if he accepts to help me). If someone can help me with this information or extra stuff, i would be really grateful