About a year ago I sold my soul and got nothing from it acceppt for demonic harracment

about a year ago I sold my soul and got nothing from it accept for demonic harassment in my dreams a and hearing voices thatt are not my own, inside my head. My forhead where my third eye constantly tingling. Thanks for reading

That’s probably because you didn’t actually sell your soul.

Read this:


Don’t make assumptions like that. He could have sold his soul to a random entity.

It’s like, hypothetically, if a random astral spirit asked you to give them your soul. Then you agree to it, and you get nothing good out of it. Then you post about it to get help, and someone tells you that you didn’t sell your soul.
Just because he may not have sold his soul to a spirit that you know, doesn’t mean he has not.


Except you can’t sell your soul. The thread I linked goes over that.

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I’m sorry to hear.

What do they say?

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Sorry for that but I can try to create a new one for you.lucifuge rofocale can aslo make you a new one.

It’s a really bad idea in general, especially if you cannot easily communicate with spirits. :man_shrugging:


How does that work when you create a soul?

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What were you attempting to obtain from selling your soul, and to whom were you trying to sell it to? I’m curious.

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Yes it is but in my theory it is possible to revive it or create a new one.

The soul of a human is a mix of astral casual mental self’s and atmans.

Atmans are like the rays of the sun but the sun is source reality.

I had did intense workings with the power of the source and I see it as it may can be fixed, first looking at the past of the casual realities you can find his past self something like a identity same thing with the astral through the gateway of laht ‘aht’ esh you can find them and work with them easily keeping their essence at your hands you go into the power of core of the universe pulling a Ray or string of source energy with help of special incantations you can transform it into an atman then mixing the astral essence and the casual essence will possibly be give him his past identity although not sure.

Then connecting the new atman with his chakras or making new chakras with that atman


That’s a good question. It’s a very bad idea that it never should happen at all costs.


You can. You can allow a being to vamp your soul.

I tried selling my soul as an extreme measure for money, it’s needed e.g. in order to extinguish some debts; but I made very clear that my soul wouldn’t be “sold” in case of no success (and in fact the attempt was a fail), hopefully that’s true for whichever entity I contacted.

I’m going to take a wild guess and say, when he tried to sell his “soul” he must have willingly gave his soul to a parasitic or imposter entity. Entities such as Belial or Lilith for example wouldn’t harass you after you transfered your soul to them in exchange for the results you wanted to manifest, unless of course you pissed them off. And usually they would always uphold their end of the bargain. With a few minor adjustments and repercussions of course :slight_smile: If I’m being honest, I personally don’t believe in selling your soul, I think when people sell their “soul” to someone they simply opened themselves up to the entity and created a doorway for them to do as they wish.


But no spirit actually wants it.

Souls are only useful to the beings they’re attached to. Offering a spirit your soul is like giving someone a car but without the car keys. It’s just going to sit there, take up space and collect dust.

Many entities don’t want it. But many do. For example, I know for a fact that one could sell there soul to Azazel. I like Azazel and am quite found of him but yes one could sell there soul to Azazel.

And I think the entities that are interested in making a deal for our souls have the ability to kill it. But this is only a hypothesis.

How do you know that no spirit wants it?
Just because most high-tier spirits don’t doesnt mean others don’t.
I think it goes without saying that their energy bodies are included as part of the deal, because they are parts of the soul.
For example, the astral body could be a part of the deal and the spirit could consume it.
Also the etheric, mental and other bodies.

I think more information is needed. Who did you make a bargain with, what exactly did you ask for, and did it come into fruition? Also, was there time frames set?


It’s like I said. Souls are only useful to the people they are bound to. Spirits are fine with guarding a soul or taking care of one, but they can’t do anything with them.

The whole “selling your soul” thing was also made-up Christian propaganda to scare people into staying away from magick or anything that they deemed “blasphemous”.

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That is where my thoughts are going and you thoughts are pretty similar to how I view the selling your soul idea. I define selling your soul as selling your “allegiance”. Basically, the same concept behind the mentality of a sell sword. I am trading what I can do here in the physical releam for the spirit (offerings, openness so they can experience things through my body, etc) in exchange for something I want

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