About a prophet

Ever since I was a devoted Christian in the past I used to follow a few crazy prophets and prophetesses of the Lord. And David e Taylor was one that seemed less crazy in my opinion than the others I’ve followed before. I would like if anyone can sense anything about David d Taylor, his energies surrounding him? He predicted other things and it came to pass but a few it did not.

Now this video does mention Jesus appears to the church. And everyone falls in their knees which honestly I find it quite uncomfortable to watch people just collapsing out of nothing. Or so called Yeshuas/holy spirit presence. He does talk about hell and demons and blah blah. But honestly I don’t believe this god whom everyone fears and knows is the ONLY Creator in the universe. I definitely believe in many unknown gods out there in different universes. Which kinda questions me… Has there been a universe before us? And does it still exist? And who made it?

I don’t really pay much attention to Jesus here and there. But I don’t really feel the urgency to pray to him. But your thoughts on this guy?

He reminds me of all of the other phony televangelists faith healers. Exposing Faith Healers (ABC News Report) - YouTube
You will find other videos exposing these guys as well

Also, type in this prophet’s name and then type in ‘Exposed’ on youtube. You should get something on him.

I’ve seen exposed videos about him ik XD

But I want to know what vibe he gives off. Also I’ve seen a testimony of a boy whom encountered Jesus at his death and David e Taylor has it in his videos.

They SAY they saw Jesus. They also say that if we send them money, God will bless us. And heal us. We the crown remains broke and sick.
Just because they say something is true, does not mean that is is true.

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