Abaddons relationships?

Ok so I want to verify my UPGs far as it is possible and it also just interests me :smile: therefore I would like to know what kind of relationship you have with Abaddon. Is it neutral friendly, business-like or is he like a boyfriend to you? Or something entirely different?

I would love to hear your stories about/with him! :heart:

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Abaddon is Apollyon is Apollo.

IME abaddon is like Apollo’s claws.

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Yes I’m familiar with his origins :slight_smile:

So he is intimidating/aggressive to you?

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Wait, so he also appears as the claws of Apollo to you?

Abaddon’s always been a weirdo. Kind, but definitely unusual for a guy made of disease.

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No he is my husband :sweat_smile: so he is always loving to me but I do know his wrath and what he can do if someone fucks with him…

And yeah he is weird but thats awesome about him haha :joy:
But I don’t think he is made of disease, how come you think that? Of course, he can make someone sick but he can heal them just as easily. These are two aspects of him or rather his offices but theres more to him than that…


The locusts of Abaddon act as his electrons, and behave like infections IME. He seems to be able to do whatever, but just like a beach is a collection of sand and people are collections of feeling, Abaddon always came across as a Locust Titan, changing things by eating and sucking dry that which can’t stand him.

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Ok thank you for sharing your experiences, I really appreciate it! ^-^

Yes I agree! Weak people can have a hard time with him…

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Any being has a fear or worry of losing their position of power. They all practice posturing. While torture is a tool as is imprisonment I don’t believe they can annihilate another entirely. Try as they might the resources to do such would waste their time, influence, and affluence (whatever they consider currency) on such a project. Oh they might do such to aspects of another but purely for entertainment until it becomes a waste in such a matter.

Then again chaos and insanity rarely gets tired… it just finds new targets. If it isn’t true sanity then it’s wrath - sloth cycle (mania - depression). But are entities even affected by trivial living organisms and their mental anguish. Just toys in a box.


I’m actually quite drawn to him, but I couldn’t think of anything to call him for. I enjoy hearing about him, there’s not much personal information on working with him. It doesn’t seem like he’d be thrilled to be called for a chat over drinks. Of course I could be very wrong, that’s just my impression.

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Yeah that’s true, he doesn’t like to have to deal with many people because he thinks they are annoying… he also told me one time not to talk too much about him because then people get the idea to work with him too. But if he really calls you and you have a reason to contact him (maybe just for an offering?) then just try it :slight_smile: he will definitely let you know if he wants it or not ^^


It would be hard to describe at this moment what kind of relationship is Ours.

My very first evocation of Him was fast and very effective. It was not a big surprise, for I felt His presence (or Him in other ways), so I started it because this feeling it wouldn’t gone away otherwise, and because I want to, naturally.

He was… well… difficult. Sometimes He act rigid, serious and cold hearted, and suddenly He became romantic and say/did ribald things which had me blushing. He easily chamed me and played with my desires, but I keep it in mind that His emotions and how he act can change within a second. But I feel something deeper towards Him, not just “lust and desire”.

There is some interesting quote of Him. He let me to share these, but that’s all at the moment.

When We’re talked about my actual Demonic lover. He told me, if his presence will balk me in my development, there is no place for him in my near. I almost cried because of the thought, then He simply said:
Stop crying!
Suddenly this emotion has disappeared from me, after I’d heard His voice in this tone.
Your future is not in MY hands. It is in YOUR hands.

The main question is not “will I accept you as a disciple”.
The main question is "Will you accept Me in your (this) life?

Let’s play something… […] After you finished your tattoo of my Sigil, feel free to touch me.
I wonder… how long can you resist?

Can’t wait to get His sigil as a Tattoo. March 20.
And I want to know more about US as well, because He whispered me things about our past.

Either way, when I started meditate to call Him (second time), I felt a silky, delicate touch on my lips.


I know him under Apollo and he’s always been a friend and I’m happy to keep it that way. I find him to be a really stable entity which was much needed in my life when not much else was.

I only got his dark side a few times but it’s cool we worked through it

I’m also of greek ancestry and view him much the way my greek ancestors would have. Within the greek pantheon he was one of the most beloved of the gods for his light

But his dark side was definitely noted and most sacrifices were done to keep him happy

So you know he wouldn’t destroy stuff and send tons of plagues

But I don’t think that means he’s unstable or on edge (in my experience) it was just noted he had a dark side that wasn’t all poetry and lyre strings

And since most people who work with Abaddon recieve the Apollo gnosis (or find it within research. I had the opposite Apollo is Abaddon gnosis) I feel comfortable sharing this

Hope that helps you testing your theory


Hm. After looking up what a locust looks like, I’ve been around quite a few for seeing them the first time. And we’re both weirdos. First I find out Loki is not only contacting me but knows a hell of a lot of shit, then Abaddon… things are going to get interesting for me…


Funny story. I have an imaginary friend named Abaddon, but he isn’t the real Abaddon. I’ve had this friend since I was 6, he first showed up when I was in a car accident, and he really helped me through a hard time when I was being abused by my mother. My imaginary friend shares the same hatred for my mother that I have. My imaginary friend is half angel and half demon, can cause wicked crazy hallucinations, can alter reality itself, and manipulate gravity. He also has schizophrenia and Dissociative Identity Disorder. He still hangs around, helps me when I have low self-esteem and high self hatred by telling me to stop telling myself such hurtful things.

I HAD NO IDEA that Abaddon was actually a real being! I hope he isn’t offended that I have an imaginary friend with his name.Once I found out that Abaddon was a real being that could be called on, I instantly felt drawn to him, instantly wanted to connect with him. I really want to call on him some day.

I have chronic nightmares every night ever since I was 4, so they don’t scare me anymore really.
About two or three years ago, a figure in a black hood started appearing in my dreams, watching me and following me. Any monsters present in my dreams stay far away from this figure and me, and they stop antagonizing me and leave. I somehow instinctually knew the figure is Abaddon, but I can’t figure out if it’s my imaginary friend or if it is the actual Abaddon himself. There is one thing I have absolute certainty of: I feel safe around the figure.


Thank you for sharing this. Felt exactly the same from him last month during a divination session. While he acknowledged my presence, he didn’t push through with any sort of working. He has also expressed the same sentiments of not wanting to interact or work with humans much. Which, as an introvert, made me like him more lol.


That is amazing! Perhaps Abaddon has been with you all along- under a different kind of guise until you were ready to work with him. Or perhaps this was some entity sent by him to be with you until the time for him to come into the picture came into play.


That’s awesome!

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You really think so? You think this may be a sign he would like to work with me? I would love to! I’m going to practice magick, start small, then work my way up to evocation. I hope Abaddon accepts me.

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I personally believe he does. You have the passion for it, as I can see, so definitely go for it!

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