Es na ayer Abbadon avage

IS this Abaddons enn? found on a web page.

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so after a talk with BWS she told me that when looking at me she kept getting the name Abaddon and that he is around me. contacting him is proving to be difficult. any suggestions???

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Keep trying, and maybe try working with an entity who Abaddon works with? Or research him and get involved in the things he’s involved with. King Paimon is supposed to be close to Lucifer, so logically things would go smoother with King Paimon if you already had a relationship with Lucifer. I don’t know who Abaddon is close to. Maybe try getting a second opinion if Abaddon really is a deity interested in you?


I did some research and he seems to be close to Lucifer. so I’ve read.

Not just to Lucifer. Abaddon it’s Apollyon/Apollo, His name means “Destroyer”. Apollo got demonized and turned into a demon and His name turned to Apollyon. Shiva is also linked, Shiva it’s called “the destroyer”. Abaddon from what I know could help just with baneful works, you want help from that specific area?

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it appears so @Alex01

I desire Justice. which was the first card that came up in tarot for me and then i was told that Abaddon is around me.

I do not desire death on someone. just the pain that I felt to be returned to the people that caused it.

I know through research that Abaddon cannot cause death but can torture. maybe that’s why he is around me. I just need to make contact.

I find it amazing that all the Greek Deites and their demonized forms come to me as I always loved the Greek Deites


Apollyon/Abaddon’s image appeared to me as a wolf or as a small white puppy (in the day to day life as a reminder and as a sign that He heard me), how His image appeared to you?

Me too

In what contexts they come to you? Tell me more. Knowledge = Power


Abaddon, Apollo, Sauructonos – V.K. Jehannum
Chants to Abaddon / Apollo – V.K. Jehannum

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so I’m at a level where im still trying to open 3rd eye. but those I’ve been told are around me are always greek rooted

Aha, but when I said that "Apollyon/Abaddon’s image appeared to me as a wolf or as a small white puppy (in the day to day life as a reminder and as a sign that He heard me) " there I didn’t reffer to the fact that I saw His image/manifestation appearing to me via the astral sight. (at the time I made contact with Him I was 11 or so and I didn’t have my astral senses opened) I chanted a conjuration or something in which I was asking for Apollyon’s presence and then after some minutes out of nowhere, near the room I performed that spell, it appeared a white small puppy. (as a sign/reminder of the fact that He heard me, Abaddon/Apollyon is represented as a white wolf)

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I train dogs so i see them all the time lol

That might be one of the factors of why Apollyon is close to you or why you feel some sort of connection towards Him.

it’s only really been where I wanted justice. or maybe he has been there but this is where he has made himself known. not to me yet tho

Hehehe, when I was thinking about Lilith and some aspects that Lilith might have and may represent, a spider appeared out of nowhere to me, in the recent times when I was thinking about Bael and the connection He has to Beelzebub and some things in regards about both, a fly appeared out of nowhere again and was buzzing at my head, making me angry and didn’t let me to at least rest a little in my bed. All those things were reminders of the fact that everything was in control by a higher force.

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hey man thanks for that.

I don’t understand the chant with all the (+) within the names.
do you just call them all out??

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Vibrate them one by one.

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