Abaddon message

i came upon the sigil of abaddon i heard the intenternal words

“i am abaddon
the destroyer
the doors shall be open
the doors shall be open
i destroy and dissolve all into nothing
call me and join me in our ascend so we shall rise together
i shall teach you the secrets of the bottomless pit
as i am me i am you as you are me as you are you
the bottomless pit shall open
destruction is a form of creation and a step to ascend
destroying attachment and weakness to only power shall be present let go of your attachments
power is choice,seek it and it will seek you the etheral mind is powerful matrix of all realms and the source it self
it can atract all thoughts in realities so choose wisely my child
is it power that you seek or freedom?libration or prosperities for your self”
i said i choose power and libration

"then the heavens shall fall become formless and bend into your will call me again i shall reveal a mystery of cosmos and transmuatation "

wow is all that i got to say


In order for a tree to grow, there must be room in the soil. Above the ground, the outer world, there must be room for this new addition to the forest. So too must the ground, the inner mind, be free of rocks and other blockages to allow the roots to flourish.

There are many different areas within the forest, just as we have many different parts of our lives. Some are bigger than others, and some of the trees within take up more space. Some are mighty oaks that tower over the others, and some are small cedars. All have value, and all bring a unique beauty, but there is only so much room to go around.

In order to plant anew, the dead trees must be cleared, and the soil fertilized. Sometimes we must even remove trees that are full of life, accepting that while there is nothing wrong with the tree, it just doesn’t fit our forest. There may come a time when it does, and when that time comes it may be planted anew.

Magick is the tool to maintain the forest that is you. Use it wisely, and you will have a beautiful landscape, one that is just right for who you are and who you want to be.


This is interesting

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