A year's journey condenced

TL:DR - when demons start tearing your life apart roll with it.

Of course we all have our own priorities in life… things which are critical, which to others are mundane. . I guess it harks back the pyramid of needs EA spoke about.

So I’ve been on this forum a while, stumbled in with a fairly Base drive, and found a world of knowledge which reminded me of an all but forgotten past where I had done LHP work as a teen.

Often ppl talk about how the demons destroy to create, I worked through various ideas from here… inspired I tried the 72 challenge and met all manner of spirit- recklessly… maybe so, but still with eyes open. I read more than I post and lurk a lot.

I had worked with Azazel & Belial as many here have, I did the 2 month solely with Azazel… always with the caveat - leave my herd alone, you may not affect their home & safety.

At the start of the year I recall feeling something probing at the edge of my sphere of influence- relating to my herds safety and firmly put my foot down. It stopped. I burned out magically and stopped for a few months.

Then Abaddon came into my consciousness. . The name calling, as it was out of nowhere I listened and called, he answered. I agreed to work with him. To let him burn away all that was not sustainable, that would not stand a stress test.

Suddenly and indescribably out of the blue my herds land (after 11years) was threatened, a LHP channeler contacted him on my behalf (2 way clarity is still hard for me) and she (among a lot of personal stuff that she could not guess/blag) suggested that he was there to make me take a leap- if I wanted to.

I agreed, and the storm around my herds land intensified. (Now think of me as a mad cat lady but with horses… they are my life, I’ve no partner, *close friend,child … the security of the animals who depend on me is more important than my own life) … I held fast through the pain and constant anxiety attacks… 2 months it took to play out. They had their plan.

4 weeks ago a lady right on the edge of my sphere contacted someone for me (land is scarce here, and at a premium… finding accommodation for 5 horses in one hit is next to impossible) … I could find nothing, I forgot about the lady, and faced with splitting them up I found a field 20 miles away.

Something in my mind kept me stallin. My tarot cards kept on saying wait wait wait… literally 3 days from the eviction date I had nowhere to go and put money on the 20mile place.

The very next day the lady called- she had a field, it would be perfect. . Better than my old one, cheaper, bigger, better facilities, less stress, a better location…

So my herd is there. My whole world was ripped apart in the process - to non animaly folk it’s hard to explain just how hard the purging was. It felt like loosing everything.

Abaddon had set foot where Azazel had listened and aquiesed. Last night I slept, so grateful for the destruction, he tore apart countless ppls life’s to make this happen to put me in a better place.

It is said time and again that the way of the demons is the short painful way, it is so true but so worth it!

The gods destroy people all the time. Sometimes this can be so subtle that a deity can destroy a magical adept and think that it is helping him all the time. It’s a theorem…