A writing


This was fresh on my brain when I woke up from a nap today;

Down the path of the left,Its a path less traveled by most,
Appealing to the brave fewIt comes with great risk but even greater bounty
It makes you break the mold,
It forces you to seek your own truth
The details once important Become obscure
The darkness becomes light,
Evil becomes righteous and the so called righteous evil
The forgotten names of the old hold truth
The remembered names of today you can now see threw
Things that seem odd to masses
Are normal to these few
In the end
The ones who master the path
Shall forever be illuminated


These “light” people just want to feel better than others, and deny their own darkness, and then point fingers. I am more concerned with being at 1 with the ultimate reality, and I think that is truly light, even if it’s dark. There is Night, and there is Day. There is Summer, and there is Winter. There is PMS, and there is no PMS. So I won’t deny the signs of Nature.


If you don’t mind, I will throw in a courtesy poem written yesterday.

Big Balls Of Owl Shit

Imagine what the state of mind
To come to this conclusion
Having been so self-deceived
To think real such illusion

Senses cleared for just a moment
Eyes can see what is before them
Snapshots of the pain and torment
Now impossible to ignore them

A great day for great changes
Seeking out the best direction
What it is that makes one happy
Past playing with ones own erection

Baby steps towards the light
Catching up with what’s behind you
To the point where looking back
Doesn’t even seem to mind to

Doing, "What should Jesus do?"
Absolute absurd reflection
One is God, and one is not
Do your best and seek connection

Honesty and humbleness
Truth is hard to deal with
Mere moments held to this test
Now admitting to it

The will in line with ordination
How can one say “I see” or "Way"
And solidly with confidence
Profess it is the right way

Uproar is not peace
Nor is it normal
Just because it exists
Doesn’t make it formal

One that seeks conflict
Is merely self conflicted
Tortured and too self strict
Making life constricted

Seek the items that are free
And then there is no payment
Nothing owed and none to be
Before or after vacant.

Follow to your best power
Enjoy yourself along the way
Pressing forward every hour
Assures one of a brighter day.


Nice, don’t mind at all. If anyone would like to share any other originals please feel free.


Most times I have no idea what I’m going to write about until I hold the pen to the paper…such was the case with this one and pretty much all the others. I wrote this in exactly 5 minutes 6 seconds ha;

A storm blows
But their hearts remain fierce
Waiting for the moment
Waiting for the command
A father, a son, an uncle
All someome to someone
All ready to die at a whim
For pride, for country
they hear the drums
The time is near
Now their hearts beat rapid
Still calm to the eye
They finally receive the word
All the enemy hears is a 1000 men running and a single battle cry-


Props, I am a big time fan of automatism.


Thanks…Seems to be the only way I can write semi-decent poetry.