A wound in the soul

Hi. I wanted to ask about something that happened to me for like 1-2 years ago and see if anyone have experienced something similar, and know what actually happened?

I called Belial for help with a particular situation. Everything with the acual ritual went well and I felt good, and I got the feeling that Belial also approved of everything. The ritual worked, also. No problems there either. I’ve gotten the impression that He has always been fond of me since everytime I call Him, I confront the situation head on myself, and this seems to be something He appreciate very much instead of just using Him as a servitor while hiding in safety behind the altar.

Well, the strange thing happend AFTER the ritual was complete. At this time, I was still inexperienced in ritual work, so I used a banishing medium afterwards. Nothing fancy, just benzoin incense which I read in a book works well for these things. But as the incense burned, and I sat and wrote about the experience in my journal, I started to get a bad feeling in and around my heart. I didn’t knew what was going on, so I just kept writing, and observed the inner process. But after a couple of more minutes, it started to hurt and I can’t really explain the feeling but after a while it felt like something was tearing up a huge fucking wound in my soul. I did some divination and asked if I should burn the sigil, because I think this was the first time that I kept a sigil open even after the ritual was finished (normally, at that time, I just burned them right after the ritual). But my tarot cards urged me to keep the sigil open and I was very confused…

Even today, I still don’t know what the hell happened. That wound stayed with me for a long time, and I felt it everytime I did something that made me feel energy intensely. Though it did dissapear as the months passed by…

It almost happened another time I summoned Odin, and that time, I also used benzoin… Though this time I put that incense out before the same thing happened again.

So, what do you guys think/know? Is it just the incense that fucks me up for some reason, or is it the gods that HATE it? Or is it something else that I have entirely missed!?
I don’t use banishing anymore. It both works and feels better to let them stay and go as they like.

I think to better answer your question that depends on who you call upon. A word of warning if you decide to work with Belial in relation to Runes, do not call upon Odin or any other Gods or that feeling may happen again. Not just my belief or intuition, but Belial and a few did bring to my attention to keep Rune work exclusive to him as the line is being drawn from there.

By that time I called Belial I had not started to work with anything related to the Norse pantheon yet. I did alot of Kundalini yoga though… But this is of course good to know.

Awhile back I was looking at Karl Welz and he showed something about Rune Yoga (visualizes a bunch of pretty naked girls doing Rune Yoga poses).

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You probably don’t mesh well with the current.

I don’t know about that. I did invoke Belial once under a period when I was doing some heavy runic work (didn’t have a rune active at the same time though) and it went better than I expected and Belial backed me up and I got the transformation I wanted. Also, some weeks after that, and I think I had a rune active by then, I got 2 unexpected and intense manifestations of Satan (that’s where my path started) so by some reason He came back to me. Last week, I had a rune activated while contemplating Qliphotic sigils for the first time in a long time and I had some VERY vivid dreams. I also did a meditation on Asmodays Qliphotic sigil and the day after that I saw both Asmoday and Satan. I also had like 5-7 days of being high on Qliphotic enery. It’s pretty different from runic… Anyway, it seems like these 2 currents complement each other for me in a strange way so it’s probably not there the problem lies. Thanks for the answer though!

You can gather energy by adopting the body position of Elhaz - palms facing skyward. You’ll feel it gathering around your solar plexus, then - always keeping your arms straight - you can direct it. So simple and quick.


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I’m pretty curious on that. I’ll probably try it out in the future. Should be pretty powerful considering what ordinary Kundalini yoga can do.

I’ve got a couple theories.
When i worked with belial he forced me to face my weaknesses… things I didnt even realize were there. He made me feel the pain so I could get through it. He also decided to keep working with me though I had thought our time was over. If he was fond of you then it wouldnt be surprising that he has more to teach you. When they like you they’ll teach you stuff other than what you asked for.


Hey welcome back


Jus a quick peak.

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Yes maybe! I will return to the demonic forces again and see what we can accomplish now when I’m stronger than I was before. And Belial is one of those that is most important for me because He always force me out of my comfort zone.

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Thanks mate :slight_smile:

That was for Rin lol. But you’re welcome

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