A working thread of associations?

After finding myself unable to yet purchase a book recommended to me, and being curious about another forum users advice to me I thought I would start a working thread of associations going with the theory that everything is connected

It’s not the first time I’ve noticed it tbh but I’ve never really paid much attention to it - mainly as astrology is something I steer myself away from after scaring myself getting too heavily into it some years ago but nvm here I am and curious

I’m assuming that all the tarot cards have corresponding numbers and astrological symbols etc and obviously the Hebrew alphabet corresponds with numbers (gematria)

Then elements must correspond and so on

What else in my table of things to search out and find correspondences for?

This book is really good for consulting correspondences


Nice thanks, somewhere I have an old kindle from years back which might have that on actually…

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The numbers on the tables represent the paths of the Tree of LIfe, thus if something has a 1 next to it, it corresponds to Kether, and if it has an 11, it corresponds to Aleph, and so on

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The Israel Regardie books speak of this , “ The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magick” is the name of the book I believe

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Does anybody have a source for associations relating to the stars of Aquarius, and Horus?

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