A working system. Thoughts?

Perhaps this might help someone. I’m new to this whole thing but here it goes. After watching E.A Koettings free evocation seminar I think It has finally clicked in me as to what constitutes a “Working System.”


Incense Resin and burner
Manifestation Triangle
Two Black Candles
Sigil of the spirit

  1. Put the Circle and the manifestation circle on the ground. Put the two candles on the west and eastern sides of the circle and light them.
  2. Sit in the circle and bring the sigil with you.
    3.Gaze into the sigil until you lose you lose equilibrium. Chant as well to help.
  3. Once that happens light the coals. Put the incense in.
  4. Gaze into the smoke, chant a conjuration and enter the rapture.

By all means this should be a working system. Thoughts?

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I dunno, it’s possible to do magic with just a single candle. And I’ve had entities “come over me” energetically just by meditating on them. I do think five black candles, the sigil and incense (for the spirit) is a great help though.