A wonderful encounter:

Today while I received messages from King Paimon and Archangel Raphael.

I was really down but King Paimon assured me that at least I’m doing something unlike those who criticize me. He also seems to want to help me with my physical goals (they’re all related to various Arts). (Interestingly as I type this, that song Dream It Possible by Delacey started playing and then Lose Yourself by Eminem started too lol). I’m unsure if I will make a pact with him regarding this but I know I’d love to work with him. He also advised to stay calm in the face of insults.

Archangel Raphael seems to want to help me to heal both physically and mentally. In addition to this he said he will teach me the truth about the Archangels when I’m ready. He even told me that a lot of information of Angels out there is false.

Working with Angels, Demons and Spirits is wonderful!! See they genuinely want to help us improve our lives and grow as well as expand our knowledge. After my basics revision I have a feeling these workings will change my Life for the better.

Thank you King Paimon and Archangel Raphael :heart:️:rose:


That’s funny.
King Paimon talks to me through music too lol.

Glad you had a success with contacting both of them. In my opinion they don’t hate each other, they’re just from different waves.

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Demons tend to love doing that. I really enjoy it though and yes Demons and Angels barely hate each other. Sometimes I think they’re different aspects of the same being.

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The Goetia definitely love music. My last invocation involved me making a song that’s 100 times better than anything I could have made by myself and now I’ve like “absorbed” what they showed me. I love it lol. Guess that’s the advantage of King Paimon and Lord Belial showing up at the same time.

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Music is a gateway to the soul in my opinion. Ever since I began studying Demons I felt the need to start with music again.

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Me too. Curse of being creative lol.

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I don’t think it’s a curse lol. It’s a gift few people will have.

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