A woman just tried to do a psychic reading on me

Very interesting, this woman holds a Facebook group where she does tarot readings and reads you. She has done mine once before without a problem about 2 months ago. I have put my shields up and she just got a shocked look on her face nd said “I just got blocked” “I have the strangest feeling” I have been working close with Lucifer. Very interesting


It’s always nice to get verification :slight_smile:


How did you do that ?

I first used the wards technique. Picturing a male (I’m female) then dressing him in iron and gave him a weapon then pictured white light from my forehead to his that his intent will be to protect me and so on. Then multiplied him to four and placed them north east south west. Everyday I check in offering food to keep them strong. I also do the Grey egg shield which I found in the book protection and reversal magic, which I highly recommend. Good luck!


Also to raise your vibration start saying

Baleshtu baleshtu agt ma tu

Vibrating your voice


Thank you !!!

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Is that demonic tongue?

Indigo Priestess said in her YouTube video Lucifer told it to her to raise vibration and become closer with the spirit. Also to improve everything in your life.


Bookmarked. :slight_smile: Cheers.

Is it pronounced as “bah leh shoo, bah leh shoo, at mah too”?

@Sabella Hello ^ I would also love to have a reading from her :stuck_out_tongue: (I have many things to know). could you maybe provide me some help to get to her group =] Please ^^ (i rli have some important things to know, any related readings would be helpful in my journey ^^ )