A Wiccan's first Demon: Final results

I’ve only been attempting demon evocations for about 10 days. But the progress I’ve made in just that time has been phenomenal. So I thought I’d give you the full rundown.

The coven I’m working with now is a bit too new age in their approach to spirits. The instructions for evoking and invoking read like guided meditations, and the chants we do for them group ideas together with only a loose correspondence. As someone who studied chaos magic and Liber 77 beforehand, I assumed they were working with psychological archetypes. No one knew what I was talking about enough to correct me. And whenever I did get a successful message from a spirit, it felt like I could have thought of it myself just as easily if my vision wasn’t so narrow.

My first evocation with Lucifer was half success, half failure. First problem was, treating the spirit as it’s own independent being was new to me. There was uncertainty, leading to doubt and a lack of control. By the time he did show up, I could feel the energy and hear him, but couldn’t figure out where he was. I jumped to the conclusion I was possessed and freaked out.

My homework at that point was to address my own fears and work on my third eye. I built my confidence, and tried again. I was more focused and in control, but made the mistake of assuming I’d have open eye visions. “Don’t make assumptions. Get rid of preconceptions. Quite your mind and experience” After hearing this, I closed my eyes, and there was Lucifer in my astral vision. His appearance startled me for a moment, but I managed to reel it back in and focus. I put my right hand out as you’d do to shake hands. Not sure why, I guess as a sign of trust. He placed his hand into mine and dropped a piece of metal into my palm.

“The path you’re looking for is already open. You just need to be aware of it”

The thing he gave me, which I’ve started calling the key of light, melted into my skin and started glowing. I thank him for coming and the image of him fazed out, but his energy lingered for awhile. After I closed the ritual and grounded myself I felt the urge to look over all my grimoires. I put my hand over them as a way to kind of scan the information directly. Then one word came to mind “Redundancies”.

So I spend the next 4 days ripping things out and rearranging them. Im combining sigils, tossing some out, or making entirely new ones. I’m looking up every single spell I would ever need for any situation and I give it its own rune, chant, and hand sign. Then I’m consecrating the chants and burning sigils into my memory. I have like 200 pages of fresh notes that I don’t know what to do with yet, and I’m putting the sigils into one big ass Bind rune thing to hang up on my wall.

I’m evoking Lucifer regularly at the same time. After the third time, I figure out I can call him without casting a circle or having his sigil out. I also stopped doing the LBRP and stick to the channeled banishing, cleansing, and protection chants. Lucifer usually stays silent and shifts around the room as I try to follow the energy. This is practice for being able to sense and identify specific spirits. Eventually, he tells me we’re done.

“Don’t evoke me again until you’ve worked with at least 2 other guides”

He refers me to Paimon, Vine, and Hecate. And I immediately recognize the last name. Hecate was my first invocation as a witch. When I channel her, my first question is “why didn’t you tell me you were okay with demon magic?” She says that I was too afraid of her darker aspects, so she would only give me advice on my current paradigm.

The next thing I do is completely stupid and reckless. But now that they got me over being fearful, I’m in the go hard or go home mindset. I design one huge ass ritual. I call Morrigan, Hecate, Vine, Paimon, Lilith, and Lucifer. One at a time. Energy getting increasingly more powerful as I call each one. It’s so off the wall I channel names of dude’s I havn’t even heard before and say screw it, bring em all. I allow the main 6 to possess me at the same time. The sensations in my body and the visions I saw were the most intense and blissful experiences I’ve ever seen in my life.

Not just that, but the fact you can reach that level using just your spirit guides and your own determination is empowering as fuck. If you can pour this amount of effort into anything you want to learn or achieve it can be yours without question. I know where I’m going to be in 2 months. Forget that, I know where I could be in a year or 5 years. My brain already laid out the entire step by step process. I didn’t think demons could make someone so enthusiastic about life. That’s what happens when you get out your own way and give something a shot.


Love this :smiling_imp: :metal:

Awesome, enjoy your liberation.

Wow. It sounds intense.

Incredible :raised_hands: thanks for sharing

Two other bits of information I forgot to add.

Way back when I first got into magic my Lucifirian friend sensed someone called Amon was checking in on me and wanted to aid in my ascent. I told Amon to keep it moving because I didn’t work with demons at the time. If you find yourself in the same situation remember, they understand your apprehension and won’t take it personally.

Second, I’m not advising that everyone invoke tons of spirits at once willy nilly as a beginner. I’m a crazy person with lofty ambition. But If that’s what you want to do, and you trust yourself and your spirit guides, screw the rules. Go for it.

Amon is a hell of a guy, VERY easy to get in contact with, i did it by accident once.

You’re the guy that’s planning the initiation ritual on the 1st right? I’m planning to make an offering to Paimon and Lucifer that’s kind of related to that.

I’ve had 2 “guinea pigs” you could say. One is an atheist who kind of believes in karma. The other’s a christian. The Christian has anxiety issues. I showed her parts of the Bible where the Isrealites set up alters to Yhaweh. Then I gave her some Frankincense incense and some Bible verses about bravery so we could make a little ritual for her to do. She’s damn near cured now and wants me to teach her some other shit. She’s basically slowly becoming a catholic preist.

For the atheist, I have him psychological mind hacks he can do throughout the day to boost his creativity. Success there to. In both cases their energy pathways were opening up slightly as a side affect. I was planning on doing something like this but wide scale. A bunch of videos, blogs, and lectures where skeptics and people of other faiths become more spiritually aware under their own worldviews. Might turn into a whole book at the rate research is going.

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I am on the same lovely situation, but I have always been eclectic.
I also think that it is very empowering and almost like adrenaline to feel everything in that way.
Just a note. Lilith an Hecate are similar and come from the same mithos. Just like Hermes and Anubis. Bear that in mind when working with her.

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