A weird addiction

Hello everyone. I’m new to the occult, I’ve been drawn to it for years but only now I finally decided to take it seriously.
There’s something quite strange happening. I’m currently studying the book Works of Darkness, and I’m enjoying the content so far, and the “preliminary” meditations on Entering the Darkness, are really powerful.
At first, it sounded like a load of bullshit, i’ll be honest, but when I finally did it…I could easily visualize the dark mist in my room, around me, within me, I could see the dark mist empowering me, I could visualize this sinister smoke coming out of my mouth, out of my fingertips. And this meditation is utterly addictive, it just gives me a sense of power…I’m totally new to the occult, magick, never performed a ritual in my life, but this sense of power comes to me regardless!

By the way, the curious thing though is that, I’m still confused. How can I feel so damn addicted to a thing that I can’t even comprehend at the moment? Lots of black magicians and people on the Left Hand Path often state that this path is nothing about evil, and that this evil is just a concept from a christian point of view. However, EA clearly defines “the powers of darkness” right in the first page of the book, and often mentions evil throughout the book. For those who have read it, you know what I’m talking about. So how is that not related to evil at all then?

Maybe E.A. is simply using the term “evil” because it is the term, like you said, that so many people have grown accustomed to using when referring to black magick and darkness? Maybe he does not mean literally evil, but evil as in what others perceive to be evil. Just a thought.

Okay, I am definitely going to purchase that ebook now! I have read a ton of posts in the last few days, both recent and old, on the Works of Darkness and it has officially intrigued my interest. I am trying to save money by living below my means, am building a house, but oddly enough, a money spell I did last week just landed me an online sale of the exact amount I need to purchase that book. Strange indeed!

My personal flavour of garbled bullshit on the matter is that, to pass beyond “good” and “evil”, you must be more than capable of both.

I also thought of words to that effect, it’s just the definitions he gives us that intrigued me, it really seems more than that, get the book and you’ll see what I mean.

I’m glad your spell actually worked! I highly recommend that book, even for someone like me who’s totally new to all of this it’s very enjoyable to read and apply the practical stuff right away :smiley:

The best way to describe my take on the black magick = evil thing is this. It’s a tool pure & simple but it is your attitude on how you wield it that is fluid. I’ts like owning a knife- you can use it to cut your dinner or stab someone in the heart.

I purchased the book yesterday and I see what you mean. Seems like E.A. is simply using “evil” in an interchangeable way so the reader may adapt his or her own interpretation, because I noticed sometimes it seems like he refers to evil and the “devil” as a christian myth. Other times he mentions evil as being very real and also states that once darkness is called inside of you, redemption can never be achieved, redemption is also a religious concept so if one believes there is no Jesus, Yeshua, Jehovah, etc. then they have nothing to redeem themselves from. Just my theory.

I did the first calling the darkness meditation last night, both parts. I can say, the way I felt during and afterward, E.A. mentioned that the real sorcerers will be separated from the dabblers with this exercise. He says that some will find the experience a terrifying nightmare however, I was not afraid, I found it rather enjoyable. I could literally feel the darkness eminating inside of me, tingling like electricity. When I was done, I felt pure euphoria, my room seemed to be pulsating on its own, these indescribable masses of power were floating everywhere around me, like large clear oddly shaped bubbles almost like a clear ectoplasm??

Anyway, I felt so alive afterward like I had unknowingly unlocked all of this power I have known has always existed inside of me since I was a child, that I never could figure out how to unlock. Sorry if TMI, but after, I felt a strong need to have some sexual release, trying not to be vulgar here. One of those urges so strong you can’t ignore it, and I will say, after pulling the darkness inside of my body, that was the most pleasurable release I have ever felt in my adult life but I felt compelled to do that like something was saying, here see yourself how good the darkness feels. Although, I didn’t sleep well at all. Kept waking up literally every 40 minutes with ideas on how to make the darkness more appealing thru my music to those who believe it’s a bad thing. Something was feeding me information and answering questions. It was strange, it would not let me sleep.

Well, so far all people here who did that meditation felt this darkness in a positive, intriguing way, no one seems to be afraid of it…no dabblers here then :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, it’s really cool to know how each one has their unique experience with that, it just confirms EA’s theory that these powers are real and have an intelligence of their own, crazy stuff :smiley: