A way to get started in communion with spirits

Here is what you need:

  • Fresh animal egg(not spoilt)
  • A marker of some kind
  • a cigar or alcohol


  1. Draw the sigil into the egg
  2. Call upon the spirit and visualise the sigil opening
  3. blow smoke into it or blow air from you lungs into it
  4. Ask the spirit what you seek
  5. State your intention and give the spirit an offering through the sigil(for example, take a swig of alchol and spit it at the sigil or blow some smoke into it)

I’m sorry. But I’m confused how is an egg different from a printed piece of paper


Well, the material is more or less powerfull so you could ask the spirit to manifest using the energies of the animal egg. A sigil on paper is a blank slate with a sigil on it. The paper itself doesn´t hold special energies(unless you have consecrated it). Downside is that as you know, animal eggs are are more fragile than a pice of paper.

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Not only that but you can use an animal egg in rituals in more ways than a pice of paper. For example, if you have standard paper, you don´t want to be burning that because of all of the chemicals in it. I´ve tried it and it´s no bueno.

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What’s the suggested procedure to complete the evocation when using this procedure?

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where you just trying to say evocation instead of evolution? I presume so atleast. You can do the evocation in many ways really, the method I presented but if you want want more of a common method, Here it goes, just before step 1. , light an incense. Than just before step 4. , let the egg be consumed by the smoke while you visualise the sigil opening.

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Thank you. Autocorrect on my phone has trickster mentality

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Yeah, it tends to do that

When you mean fresh, is it still possible to do this with industrial chicken egg?
It is the same power and effect as covering the sigil with semence or blood?

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They don’t need special energy. They can use your body or the elements (like the air) to appear. You are not evocaking dead people, with limited power.

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Cold chills in dark corridors.
Weird dreams.

Can you elaborate on these experiences? Did this happen tonight, and what were you doing/who were you trying to contact?

Mainly an overall feeling when something doesn’t feel right.
Like cold chills.
Maybe a heightened sense of awareness?
I really don’t think so.
Maybe not?

Happens all the time.
You get used to it.
My mentality is that I have to be Stern and Strong when I get these weird feeling.
Cold chills, whispers ect.

@Solus-Oneightsix I can relate. I used to hunt, still do a bit, and, sometimes (such as when the forest gets too quiet) you kinda know something is a bit out of the ordinary. Especially when you are hunting in an area that has a lot of predatory animals, the woods get really quiet (even birds and insects will be silent), and you instinctively take the safety off your gun as the hairs rise on your neck, you get goosebumps, and you can tell you need to be extra vigilant. Those are times I’m glad I bring extra firepower. I can imgine the feeling is much the same as what you describe.

I live in a rural, mountainous, heavily wooded area of the American South. We have everything from the usual deer, rabbits, foxes, raccoons, possums, etc…, to coyotes, black bear, cougar, and bob cats here. When they are around you can often tell, because you can often “feel” that a predator is near and that you may have to shoot.

True, but then again, I did fail to mention that there is the usage of an animal egg for a reason. Animal eggs represent potential lifeforce so that is why there is the reason for it. I´m not denying your good point but rather it comes to a question of whether you have extra energy in the evocation or not. Overall it really doesn´t matter as long as the spirits come to you. For me it´s usually the extra energy pathways that count.

Industrialised chicken eggs are kinda meh but it still works. Just a energy difference due to the different shit that they use in the industry. Semen and blood actually just strenghten the evocation. Semen is the potential lifeforce and blood is lifeforce.