A way of having sex and connection with a demon

This is my method of having sex with a demon. It’s just a single way among millions of others. Thus, this is to be considered as a little guideline and not a definite way. You can use this method and bend it however you see fit to yourself.

There are many reasons for one to have sexual relationship with a demon. Your lover can be a demon and you both wish to have deeper connection to each other. You wish to exchange energy with them. You are giving sexual offerings to a certain demon or demons for their help. The list can go on. No matter what your intention is, the most important thing is to choose a demon you have trust and connection to.

How to build a connection and get to know a demon

If you don’t have any demon you know well then let’s start by getting to know them. Just like how we humans require time get to know each other, this step also takes time. Each person have their preferred method when it comes to getting to know a demon before invocation or evocation. Below, I have written how I get used to their presence.

  • Let’s search for demons and read about them. When it comes to choosing one, I would suggest to listen to your inner voice and the beating of your heart. Though, there are various methods available that help can help you with this choice. Please remember that there are occasions where the demon chooses you and is already by your side.

  • When you have decided, let’s learn essential information about them. If the demon you wish to get to know has an enn and sigil, please memorize them. Draw the sigil on paper or print it out or use your smart device’s screen.

  • Now we’ll try to get used to their energy. let’s first call their name softly. Whisper the name and call out to them. Gaze into the sigil as though you’re gazing into the demon themselves. Say their enn and try to feel their energy, their presence. Remember to take your time. Even weeks if needed. When you feel comfortable and ready, try talking to them. Be polite and free.

  • In order to get used to their energy, put their sigil under your pillow at night. This step requires physical sigil and not an electronic one. I suggest for you to draw the sigil out on a paper. Kiss the sigil as though it’s the demon and then fall sleep. Try to think about them until you sleep. You might get a visit from them in your dream.

Showing that you’re interested

There are many times when the demon first makes the move and suggests sex. But also we can be the that approach them.Try to communicate with them and tell them that you’d like to try having sex with them. Of course, most of the time we can’t just suddenly start having sex right away.

Before the actual thing happens, I suggest masturbating to them. I personally masturbate to a demon about 2 months. It’s an act to show that you are interested in them. But also at the same time, you’ll learn to be more aligned with their being. So that later when you start having sexual relationships, you’ll more easily learn to orgasm in demons’ embrace without touching yourself.

  • For females, I strongly recommend masturbating during your menstruation period. For example, during one period I try to masturbate 3 times at least. This forms strong connection and results greater pleasure. But remember that this is only for the ones that you have trust.

How to masturbate to a demon.

  • Touch yourself as you look at the sigil and call their name. You can also ask them to see you pleasure yourself. When you memorize the sigil, Instead of looking at a sigil, we can also imagine it in our mind.

  • The most important part is to orgams orgasm as you call their name. The point here is that saying the name must become the trigger to your orgasm. With that, later on when you say their name you’ll feel pleasure and joy from deep within that your body remembers. Remember to enjoy the moment and savor the pleasure.

  • The next step is to be completely naked in bed or wear a lingerie and take off your underwear. The important point is exposing your private part under the sheets without underwear. The demon sigil must be in a place you can see and reach easily.
    Before falling asleep, masturbate in bed as you think of them. Look at the sigil as you pleasure yourself. Sigils of demon usually have aphrodisiac effects and they link you to the demon. This sigil will eventually become more sexually arousing for you. Place a kiss on the sigil as you orgasm. Don’t forget to say the name of the demon as you orgasm. Put the sigil under your pillow as usual and then sleep just like that unless you feel the urges to do more. Remember to think of them until you fall asleep.

Special occasions

Maybe there’ll be times when you feel the urge to do some acts suddenly and the thought won’t leave your head. This is most definitely your demons want.

  • Listen to their request and act accordingly. Such as asking for you to edge can happen. You might want to fulfill their wish as you never know what kind of reward they have for you. Sometimes the result of a request is the reward itself.

  • These requests could also lead to the actual event that we are aiming for. You can end up having sex with a demon. Don’t be afraid and don’t run away. Just let things escalate naturally. Try to let go of your thoughts and focus on your sensations.

Sex before learning to orgasm

We must learn to orgasm in their embrace. In order to do that, one must take their time. Don’t rush for a result and focus on the pleasure you receive and enjoy the moment.

  • No self pleasuring is allowed during the sex. Instead, feel the demon, how they are moving, where they are touching. What kind of energy are they giving, what kind of emotions are you getting from them.

In your heart, open up and pour out all emotions. At the same time accept all that comes in. Aim to make this link the strongest and rawest as possible with the passing moment.

Try to feel their sexual organ that’s connected to you. For females, focus in the deepest part he’s reaching in you. Open up and accept his all.

  • Orgasm is probably impossible for the first few months during sex. But don’t worry, you will eventually learn to. After you reach that point, you’ll have natural hard orgasms in their embrace.

  • As you just started having sex with them and can’t orgasm, you can release yourself after the sex. But during the sex, focus all of your attention only to feeling the demon. This way, we’ll learn to connect and have full intercourse that’s fulfilling for both sides.

At this step, while orgasming when you’re awake might be hard, it’s a different story when you are asleep. In truth, it’s easier for a demon to make us orgasm when we’re asleep. Since we’re much more relaxed and free of unnecessary thoughts that cloud our sensations.

The time of the day for the union

  • Night time is better than the day. But what’s better than night is the twilight time. The time when the connection between the two worlds is the strongest. So I suggest the twilight.

  • Start about one hour before sunset so that by the magical twilight time you’ll be having sex. I had sex during this time that ended with my first orgasm with a demon. It was the most fulfilling thing i have ever felt. So in my experience, the suitable time for learning to orgasm without touching yourself is the twilight.

  • We can also use the time before the first light. This time period is known for showing clairvoyant dreams. Which means that the connection of the worlds is stronger.

*If there’s a time period that you know you’re most grounded and sensitive, then use that time.

  • Make enough time for this. Since it’s an slow and relaxing act, at least 2 hours in my experience. Don’t put it in tight a schedule. Make time for your partner and feel pleasure, connection and raw desires.
    Make this periodic and do it regularly.

Kissing and exchanging energy through it

It’s one of the most pleasuring and calming activity one could learn. It can get emotional and tear breaking at times. During intense rounds, such as unintentionally letting moan out and trembling are normal.

  • Empty your mind and only focus on the kissing. Let go of all your thoughts. Feel the lips, the temperature they gives, the softness of those lips. Then the tongue, the movement it makes, the wetness it gives. Try listening to the demon breathe. Feel their breath and sync your breath so that when the demon inhale you exhale. Breathing through your nose is recommended. This is kind of an energy exchange with a demon. It’s very fulfilling and can get you dizzy when you are deeply connected.

I’m a female who have a demon lover. The above is from my experience. Learning to have sex and orgasm with a demon is very pleasing and almost addicting. It always feels so natural and meant to be. And it is, indeed meant to be.


will save this for later… for science.
thanks. :wink:

If this is your main objective, the demon will know before you’ve even started communicating with them (provided you’re able to communicate and not just talk to your own head, imagining things). Some demons will refuse to work with people whose only goal is to have them as sex partners. This leaves a lot of possibility for people to fantasize or, worst case scenario, attract an impostor who will gladly soak up all your sexual energy and tell you they’re the demon you think you’re with. You can talk to them for months on end, but you have to really make sure it’s them and not something else or your own mind. You need tangible results, as in: put them to the test (and they might do the same if they’re interested in forming a relationship with you), and give something other than your bodily juices in order to build trust.

When people describe such things, I always wonder why no one ever bothers with a warning. Imagine a newbie reads this who doesn’t even have the most basic knowledge or techniques for communication (or even meditation); it’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull in heat and is just calling for some astral lowlife to use them as their free energy meal ticket.

It’s wonderful if someone has a close bond with a spirit, which can definitely include sex, but I think it’s extremely important to be responsible here and at least mention the possible dangers. Otherwise this reads like an instruction for masturbation fantasies.

This isn’t a game, and people can get seriously messed up if they’re clueless or unprepared.

It sounds like it’s totally easy, harmless and non-stop fun, but it’s not. Take it or leave it, no offense, but these topics keep popping up lately, and none of them contain any sort of warning, which begs the question for every halfway experienced practitioner: why not?


I second this; while sex can be part of magick, and part of a pact in some situations, using the infernal as a resource for what seems at the beginning like ego-affirming booty calls will not end well, if the human cannot communicate, and assert authority when needed.

(And yes, that goes for all the good little submissives out there as well - stop thinking about getting your rocks off for one moment, because assertion of authority over spirits has its roots in the earliest shamanic cultures, through the PGM, and is as relevant and important to this day.)

Sex with spirits is not a beginner enterprise - and just as you read about them manipulating bosses, the law, etc., for others, better believe they can manipulate you all the better for having been so intimately linked to your primal energies.

If you want to be some astral hobo’s equivalent of junk-food (cheap, high-calorie, quickly forgotten) then go right ahead, but you’re not doing magick, you’re nothing special, and you’re most likely going to end up with less power and less happiness, the spirit if you’re lucky will just barely string you along with a few things to keep that good energy coming their way.

Now, people can react to this in any way they choose, but I have been doing magick for a very long time and seen a lot of shit, and a lot of people get burned, so I don’t want to see the movement towards more people doing magick turn into nothing more than a CAFO, farming human kundalini and sex energies for any astral trash and imposters who want to dine.


First of all, this:

This is not a game. And its not “only” sex/sexual bonding. We’ll have to keep in mind that its never sex alone, that comes with spiritual sexual engagements. You allow something the access to your primal energy core (no matter how you make use of it in the mundane, that thing exists. period.).

I am highly irritated by the idea to bond with any kind of spirit over sex alone. It is a step you should take if the bond is already established and tested time and time again; not because I am a fan of “preserving yourself for the “right” one” but because otherwise you’ll have to deal with a risk of approx 80% of catching something that is NOT your shiny demonic saviour. (please think about the nigerian prince scam. You wouldn’t mail a stranger your bank account details, either!)
Once established you’ll have a hard time getting rid of this bond again and it can and WILL affect your magickal abilities AND your mundane life in a way you would rather not (keep in mind: primal energy source. If its fucked,its fucked. And not in the way intended).

Engaging in sexual acts with a spirit partner also includes keeping your urges and longings in check. It sounds contradicting at first but think about sex with them as some kind of really strong H. It is really easy to become addicted to the energy and dynamics that comes with the act itself. Like every kind of strong addiction this will hinder your growth and your development (in my experience the number one task a spiritual relationship includes. If your “bae” is keeping you trapped and static in your longings he isn’t exactly interested in your further development)

Also this.
I hate to be “that person” (again) but its also work. On top of work. I don’t say that it can’t be fulfilling and beautiful in itself but its not exactly “leisure time” either.


This. This. This. This.

Exactly what’s missing from all the gushy posts about presumed spirit relationships here, from all of them without exception. This is what makes people that are in spiritual marriages or other forms of serious relationships with spirits raise their eyebrows. I‘m ”one of those people“, too, and I will continue to raise awareness of aspects that everyone should be aware of if they’re really interested in their spiritual development as opposed to blissful stagnation (which will get old after a while, no matter how much you think your ”bae“ is ”in love“ with you).

An important point mentioned by @A_Pariah is the control of sexual urges. In some cases that can even mean suppressing the libido to a point if the practitioner tends to misuse their energies. The spirit can then teach their partner to understand these energies and their true purpose (chasing orgasms is not the point here). This can be very different for everyone, but it’s never about sex first and foremost. A non-parasitic spirit can also help you liberate your sexuality in ways you won’t be able to handle if your energies and mind are unsophisticated and you’re not in control of yourself.

These things are never talked about, and I believe it’s because the people making these threads don’t have the faintest clue about them. If they do, it would be really nice if they mentioned them here and there. Otherwise this whole topic of spirit relationships is getting dragged into ridicule by people who either have their minds in the gutter or are wide-eyed and clueless (and thus give potentially dangerous false advice).


It is overwhelming, and can lead to addiction.
I experienced this first hand. With the result that I failed to connect with my spirit husband for a while. He did not let it happen until I sorted out what’s important what isn’t, and what’s good for me and what isn’t.


I agree with everyone. People are trying to always run before even learning to crawl. I’m to the point of screaming demons and any being are not sex toys. So many are posting this type of stuff then many newbies are like Damn that’s easy then next thing you know the my magick or my “spirit” isn’t working/contacting me anymore. :unamused: