A warning if anyone commits lighting of bush fires

Okay i want to warn if anyone gets a itch in lighting of bush fires in scrub land, forgetting catastrophic fire ban days, the so called tyrannical Law enforcement will not tolerate those things, i know every one on the forum not that silly, because end up like me as i live Adelaide Australia i did my time, got out finished 5 year parole think i be totally free, isn’t it when finish parole i am totally a free man which i lead to believe that what i thought, but i was wrong, before i got out on parole the parole conditions states during fire ban season i be put on home detention which was part of parole, no alcohol drugs so i did that, every fire ban season for 5 years the pigs would come nocking on my door neighbores would have notice like real sticky beaks like they are sometimes 3 times a day during fire ban season. Okay parole finished did the right thing, now it has been 3 years as it is the year 2018 and the pigs still cannot leave me alone last Saturday 41 degree knock on front door just to get me out of bed desturbing my sole travel with my companion dark Fae Ellen we were doing a important job for Satan, i send what the fuck Dark Fae Ellen sed arnt you a free man, so i answered door a pig [police] 2 of them telling me how well im doing what am i doing today im staying home 41 today they sed thats good see that you do, then that was it back to bed Dark Fae sed fucking arsholes looks like victimization, now i have to explain to Satan, woke up again 1pm, play Fullout 4 goty, until 4pm, i know what i do now i going to watch the Avengers blue ray, 5pm another bang on door a coper again a pig [police] only on asked me were was i got some id yes show drivers license, the pig wont me to say to him when was the last time you were so into fires a say i don’t remember, i know what he was trying to refer to a trap then the pig went im fucking so sick of this shit fucking arsholes why don’t they fucking leave me alone, up set my movie fucking cunts, stop watch movie put back on Fullout 4 goty blow things up with a mini nuke the big one mod, then i thinking i know what i am doing tonight after midnight im going to call Satan through the inverted pentagram riding the lines with my finger and fuck up the pig, which i did when i started 1:30 am to 2:30 am while i was channelling Satan i notice the hole thing went pitch black as i only had a lamp on the next room so i can see what i am doing so paper glowing see clearly ringless black color inverted pentagram 2mm thickness black lines clearly see with lamp on, as i was saying as the paper went pitch black same color of inverted pentagram the whole room went black as well no light from lamp the lamp light was gone for 15 seconds then came back, the looking at line of inverted pentagram there were glowing spot along line, i stop it was 2:30 am the i was thing i wasn’t hear in my housing trust until apparently the inverted pentagram actually truly unaqrivically transport me to Hell and back for real yes i could actually hear the furnaces of Hell, also i could actually hear Demons as well and i felt a feeling of wellbeen and very safe then inverted pentagram returned me in mind body and soul back in my room the lamp light returned i haven’t had a experience like that for 30 years to the day i made a lot of new friends, that copper is fucked i actually heard the sounds of his screams when i was in Hell, that was very exciting night.:joy:

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