A visit from Beelzebub

So i had posted here recently about a visitor fly who kept coming to my room around 11:30ish am every day, someone had brought up Beelzebub so lately ive been doing some research on him, i have a small note book where i usually jot down things like sigils and basic info on things,
i had Beelzebubs sigil and some info written down in there, last night when i was nearing getting ready to go to bed a fly came in and this time it wasnt just flying around, it was all over me, kept landing on my head by my ears and on my hands, but what truly convinced me is then it landed right in the center of his sigil i had drawn in my notebook,
i was pretty tired and wanting to go to bed for work in the morning, but i drew out a nicer version of his sigil, lit a candle for him and left him a whole bag of my favorite chips since i had seen others say he enjoys them, the fly stayed on my hands/very near by the entire time i prepared everything,

i wanted to share this experience with you all, i am excited to see if more comes of it