A vinegar spell to recognise a witch?

Hey there guys, is there any spell to recognise an evil witch involving vinegar? Maybe like to drink it without resisting it? Or maybe by the smell of vinegar her face changes or something?

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Loool sounds like stuff from movies

That spell wouldn’t work because evil is subjective and it would only show based off what you define as evil. However the rest of that I’m not sure what you mean.


Sounds like stuff from protestant witch hunters, I assume you are being humorous.

However, there are ways to spot evil witches, but they depend on the scope of what you consider evil and what you consider a wtich. What I use is the recognition of a set of gestures that they have, that indicate the activation of their Qabalistic spheres and paths as the interaction or the visual material progresses. They are Qabalistically very femenine since they move in the area of the pillar of severity, their Netzach will only be triggered under very idiotic circumstances


You might have better luck taking say a piece of jewelry and charging it so that burns or reacts a certain way when in the presence of someone who holds the qualities and characteristics of what you consider evil.


This is an excellent input!!! Awesome
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So a method is to work with Vine and empower a talisman or his sigil to discover/spot an enemy witch.