A very stubborn target...divination warns against working against them

I have a target that seems to be resilient to every curse I’ve tried. We are getting close to two years worth of curses. I’ve did divination and actually got warned to not do anything to him or I would get hurt. He isn’t a sorcerer, witch, or anything…but he is evil. I’m at my wits end on how to bring him down. But he needs to be brought down. Why? I dated a woman years ago and her daughter thought the world of me. We ended up splitting up but I still care about the kids. I keep a check on them thru the kids aunt. The daughter told her aunt that she wished she had a lock on her bedroom door because her stepdad likes to watch her get dressed! Her stepdad is the one I’ve been cursing. She is ten years old and has been thru enough in her life without dealing with a perv like him. I’ve had others do divination and it always comes up the same. He is with my ex gf for her daughter…and that kills me. Anyone have any ideas on how to bring him down? Keep in mind I can’t go on the astral plane or anything. I’m still learning and working on these things. All advice and help is greatly appreciated.


So i had to curse a friend but he was already paranoid about me so what i did was curse an object and gifted it to him. Something he couldnt refuse and wouldnt suspect.

For an object he would have to cleanse the object less the curse will linger.

If he is unconciously protecting himself(can happen from past life spiritual work) or if the curses are being dissuaded by guides are guardians, the object will hold the curse and if he holds it on him, he allows the energy into himself.

You said he isnt a witch or a warlock, use it to your advantage. I doubt he would notice anything fishy, so try to work around it.

Perhaps send protection to the girl, if he has ill intent the guardian will ward him off and maybe he’ll leave on his own.

I dont know why this happens, but it happens. Some people are just naturally more powerful than other randoms, probably from past life work. If this is the case and he doesnt like you, his energy deflects yours, often times back to you.


I have done protection for her. No he doesn’t like me but he is afraid of me. Not in a magickal sense but in a physical sense. I’ve been in the driveway before and he wouldn’t come outside. Unfortunately I have to stay away now or I’ll go to jail which means I will lose my job also. I can’t afford to have that happen so I have to stick to magickal means. He is one of those people that you can look at him and know something isn’t right. You get that bad feeling in the pit of your stomach. Well my bad feeling was right. I’ve even had a couple of friends who are better at magick than me try working against him…and so far it keeps rolling off of him.


You are trying too hard and putting too much thought into results. You have to release concern for outcome and just know it will work. Allow the magivk to effect the universe and the probability of events, allow the coincidences to happen and stay out of your own way. Obsessing over the outcome will kill a spell faster than anything. The guy has no super protection nor is he immune to magickal attacks. Its you blocking your own magick.


So to me it seems to be one of two things

First is from own experience, this i know can happen because it is my case. I am protectes from a past life. Even before i made offerings or dedicated myself, i was the only one of our group who wouldnt wake with scratches or bruises and didnt get nightmares and shit. The spirits said i was protected and they hated me for it. This could be the case with him

Second, he could be actually protected by an entity, maybe some sort of parasite that is causing these urges in him and thrn the entity feeds off of both his guilt and the distress of the victim. If this is the case. Im at a loss. Youd could try communicating with what is protecting him and convince it to let you curse him. But that sounds like quite the challenge tbh


I didnt even consider attachment playing part here, but he said multiple sorcerors have failed. So idk if thats the case here.

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To be honest I don’t know how to go about talking to whatever is protecting him. How do you talk to something when you don’t know what it is? Seems like you could piss them off really fast doing that.

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He can easily derail a curse cast by a friend or associate. I’ve had clients that didn’t have a magickal bone in their body but yet obsessed over the outcome and therefore derailed it themselves. In those cases as soon as they give up and no longer care the curse happens and they call me saying wow the moment I gave up it came through. And that’s usually how it goes, the moment you stop caring is the moment shit happens.


@AdamThoth May I ask why you think it’s me causing it? I’m just curious how you arrived at that.


Because I’ve been around and have some experience. I understand how the mind magick matrix functions and all the evidence leads to operator malfunction. Its because you obviously want it bad enough to come on here and post your frustration. The frustration you feel is compounding your lack of success. So long as you feel like its not working and are frustrated you will continue to be frustrated at the lack of success. You are getting exactly what you are asking the universe for. Unfortunately.


I had always thought I detached myself enough from it. I would usually throw the curse and wait a few weeks and then look for movement. But if it is me causing my curses to not work, how come no one else’s curses have worked? Don’t take this as me arguing against it. I’m just asking trying to troubleshoot the situation. I did have one sorcerer that tried tell me that he had a hard time getting a hold of his energy. That he couldn’t read him.


I think possibly you’re going around this the wrong way. You’ve been warned that cursing him will end in you getting hurt.

So… work around that. Don’t try to harm him. Work on the mother and the girl. Perhaps work some rituals to influence her perception of him. Work on driving him out of the house. Keep protecting the girl. If he’s only with the mother for the girl, the right spirit can possibly cause the truth to come to light for her.

Think outside of the box.

Yeah, he’s either very strong willed or he has some sort of spirit protection, OR he has a nasty parasite that causes his urges, and it won’t let you interfere.

Either way, harming him won’t improve matters for the girl, and it isn’t worth putting yourself in harm’s way.


Well unfortunately divination has shown that whatever it is that protects him also keeps my ex…”the daughters mother” under some kind of spell. She became someone that nobody knew anymore. All of her friends and family have abandoned her because of him. It’s like she has blinders on to the situation and doesn’t see it. Everyone else does but she can’t. It’s like whatever it is…manipulates her mind.

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That’s because you are canceling your friend’s magickal as well. If you don’t let go of outcome even though its not your spell you can still throw it off. I say drop the whole thing all together and wait for the universe to show you it has been completed. I once waited 3 months not for outcome the curse went through that same week but I didn’t find out about it being successful for 3 months when someone told me they went out of business.


Yeah, my late mother was in a similar situation as far as having blinkers on when it came to her drug dealer boyfriend. Perhaps you can figure out, magickally, how to get the girl removed from the home via Social Services (or whatever it’s called where you live). Influence their perception so that they sense the truth, etc. Have them pay the family a visit, and go from there. That’s what I’d probably do in your situation. But then you really will have to let it go. Adam is correct in what he says. Do all you can, then drop the whole thing completely, and trust.


Think of attachment like the double slit experiment. It cant fulfill the natural pattern while observed because of unconcious expectatjon.

Even if you tell yourself every day “he will leave” all youre doing is reminding yourself of the situation. So your brain pulls up evidence to determine its expectation. Since youve failed before, your brain thinks youll fail again and it influences the curse.

So you have to literally forget it


I guess it’s like Crowley once said…and I’m just paraphrasing here “only when a magician is willing to say fuck it and walk away will there be movement”. I’ve always been taught to look for movement. Even Brother Moloch has said when you make a deal with spirits to look for movement and make sure they are holding up their end of the deal. This is kind of new to me to just do it and not look for movement. But I’m willing to try it.


Narcissistic atheist. Paradoxically more Satanist than some guys on BALG, no offense, I’ve seen this before. These people suck life out of anything, best walk away. Your magic is deflected by his belief that his actions hold a god like righteousness.


You need to exhaust your desire and emotions. And then stop looking at what is wrong. Looking for movement in the way you are is delaying the desired manifestation. What you need to do is to do what you need to do, then stop checking up. Ime the spirits always hold up their end of the deal. That’s not the issue here. You’re strangling the flow of energy/magick by checking up to see what’s happening, and then noticing the manifestation hasn’t happened yet.

So if I were in your shoes, I’d work around the guy and the mother. I’d exhaust my desire in that way. I’d start telling myself the new and improved story of what I want to happen and ignore the current situation every time the topic comes up in my mind. I’d keep doing that until the new story feels real to me. And then I’d let it go, and trust that things are happening at the vibrational/energetic level. In time, the manifestation would happen.

It works, when done consistently.


The key info here is that you’re not to hurt him.

If all divination sources agree on that fact, it must be true.

What you can do,
and should do,
is get him to focus away from her.

He’s attracted to the youth,
and her Femininity.

Break that connection.
He woun’t suffer physical when you go that route,
so his protection woun’t kick in.

However, his hunger for more and more “joy” will seize,
because of him being numbed out of it.

The lock on the door is definately a good idea,
and should be installed anyway.

Try to get him going together with you,
into a swinger club.

Make him molest and joy,
and while he’s fucking and betrying his family,
focus all the Energy and attention he’s putting forth,
cycling back into himself.

Then, by leaving the Swinger Club,
attach into his mind,
the mental command:
If you do any of these to the child,
you’re done.
Your life will be over,
as you knew it,
and i can make that happen,
just as easily as i gave you this joy.

Don’t tell him that part direktly to the face,
but embedd it as a command into his mind.

To infiltrate his mind,
focus on his forehead,
or backhead,
staring into the head,
imagining the words of the command going directly into him.

Imagine them to built a strong,
sticky imprint,
and molding into his body.

Repeat that exercise of getting him into a swinger club,
and framing him,
a couple of times,
if you feel he hasn’t fully got the message.

If your neace or anyone close tells you again about him misbehaving,
focus on a picture of him,
while he’s asleep,
and have a candle in front of you.

You pull the Energy out of the candle,
into your mind,
where you imagine him suffering the worst horrors your mind can come up with,
and send them through the image into his head,
as his nightmares.

In those nightmares,
you let a horrible creature,
or someone he loves and trusts,
like for example his own parents,
tell him how his misbehavior needs to be punished,
and he can’t go on doing that.

After a few weeks you’ll notice massive shifts in him.

No physical pain dealt,
your hands remain clean.

But he’s going to become weaker,
and fearful from that.

He’ll very likely either tell his wife,
or someone close,
soon after the nightmares.

The major reason,
why you’re forbidden to hurt him,
is the love of his wife,
and all the family members.

And, you’d propably shoot to far with it,
also harming yourself due to that.

Just do that mind-fuckery,
as i explained.

After 3 month maximum,
you should be completely done,
and know,
for certain,
that he’ll never even try,
putting a hand on the daughter.