A very Powerful Curse Has Been Place Upon Me

I lived in a haunted house for over a year and while I was in that house
The Devil literately appeared before me and entered my body
since then I have tremendous bad luck in all forms of gambling
Had alot of unfortunate events occur
and have been cursed by someone as well
I even tried an exorcism several times
but this demon is way too powerful to be cast out
also I cant see demons but I can summon them
maybe they are too scared to approach me anyways
I have been watching a lot of your videos
and practicing your black magick techniques
I have watched the power eye several times
and no matter how hard I try my powers seem weak
and every time I try to further advance my black magick abilities
nothing seems to change for me on the path to Godhood
I just want to become a living God and to be set free
of this terrible curse placed upon me
can you please help me E.A. Koetting