A very good tarot reader?

Who can I go to online who is extremely good at tarot, who is practically psychic?

who is it i can search for online, who is accurate?

does anyone have an idea

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if you looked in general online you’d probably have to pay for it but there’d be no guarantee they’re legit.

You could post a reply in one of the reading threads requesting a reading.

What do you want to know?

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its on my spiritual path, i am conflicted

thats why i wanted to know if someone here went to someone who is legit

there are, ime, but whether you approach them outright or wait for them to offer readings differs… i’m sure you can appreciate people with true insight are accosted constantly. keep an eye on the divination sub-topic and wait until someone is offering

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There is a very good tarot reader in india ,fee is very less ,if u r interested msg me private I will give u details

cool, i will thanks

Orlee Stewart is said to be really good, and as far as BALG goes, her readings are fairly cheap, only $69 USD.


Bill Duvendack with BALG


I’ve just checked her out, :slight_smile:

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