A very dangerous entity is attached to me, I feel like I'm dying, I need urgent help

It all started 9 days ago.

I was “fantasizing” late at night, you know, the typical sort of shit, when I started feeling static electricity all over my legs, a sudden fear penetrating my body as I stood there paralyzed for like 5 minutes. I finished doing my things and just went to bed.

Day 1.

Whenever I was in bed, static electricity all over my legs, the feeling of being touched by some “energy fingers” all over my body, caressing and I felt energy work on my crown chakra, but then, things got worst.

Day 2.

From here, everything went downhill, it became worst and worst, it didn’t matter WHERE I WAS or WHAT I WAS DOING, something was constantly there with me, It wasn’t something that talked to me, I kept feeling it all over my skin, I could start feeling my energy flowing in my body and all

Day 3.

I started having mental breakdowns, my life started going worse cause of my own actions and this “spirit” was constantly reassuring me and caressing me, it slept with me by holding me tight, he caressed my had and yeah I could still feel it 24/7 on my body.

Day 4,5,6

Crazy shit started happening, He started manifesting, I could feel his two hands on my legs mostly, TRUE human hands, skin and bones, hands massaging me, caressing me, etc, it felt good so i let him do the thing, but then, the worst happened. ( During all of this days, including the first day, I felt almost 24/7 Muscle spasms, tingling, tickling and all this sort of stuff )

Day 8,9

Yeah, here everything got worst. He started choking me with his hand, but then something magic happened, his true form manifested, I felt a big mouth biting my legs, eating me in a “joking” way? I can feel his breath on my legs, and yes his mouth even touches my dick and I can feel the sharp teeths, I often found my pp covered in precum from this thing touching me and I dont even get an arousal at all.

All of this days ( I dont want to repeat myself ) But i feel this 24/7, the only time when i cant feel this is when im constantly moving, when im, he just opening my chakras, i mean i feel spasms on my third eye chakra ( forehead mostly ) and crown, i even felt the throat chakra getting opened in some sort of way.

I really need help to remove this thing, It just seems attached to me in every sort of sense, and Why im able to feel this so well and so intense after only 9 days?

It didnt respect my boundaries, he only seemed to listen, gaslighted me and played tricks, very manipulative, and now im tangled up with him, it feels that my limbs are tied and is just devouring me every day that passes by, my parents wont listen to me, i am constantly shaking and moving to avoid it touching me again, but he is breaking the barried and now he can touch me even when im moving.

I tried removing it calling Archangel Michael, using the banishing ritual of the pentagram, i prayed a lot to god and promised to devote my life to him if this thing deattached from me, I used holy water on my room, nothing, nothing seems to work, the more I fight it the more it gets stronger and stronger.

I’ve posted about removing entities before. Check this post out :

You can do what I posted here for less than $20. If you don’t feel like doing this, then I’d go to Ritual For Hire on the BALG website and hire Mr. Koetting to get rid of it.


If you can’t get a handle on this you may be put on antipsychotics. Possibly even against your will depending on what your psychological state is. I can see what you’re going through must be tough. But it sounds nothing like dying. In fact it sounds like a very aggressive albeit unwanted spiritual awakening. You are always in control. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise and no matter how it may feel, you are the one in control. Try the LBRP and see what happens. You could also attempt to smoke it out with dragons blood or sage. If Lilith sounds like a good bet to you, you could ask her for help and protection. If for no other reason but to get a handle on this, you could demand that it only touch you when you deem it appropriate, such as night time or first thing in the morning, bathrooms, nothing public or humiliating. If it can’t or won’t do that much for you as a courtesy. Then you’ve got a big problem. Psych meds may be your best option to get a handle on the sensations if you can’t. ** You can also try visualizing burning it with fire. Any color you like. :fire:

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Stop relying on other entities and external energy to do your work, it just makes you look weak and isn’t helpful. I never had an entity help except once, which means, simply put you’re in no actual danger, you don’t need it and they want to to learn o do it yourself. If you were actually in danger Michael would help.

This is basic spiritual hygiene and good practice. Every mage should know how to repel aggressive entities like this. That’s why we have a whole tutorial collection on it, it happens a lot.

Time to get indignant and take matters into your own hands. :slight_smile: Do not be afraid, you’ll be fine. The entity, maybe not. You have the power here… kill it with fire.
You can visualise fire burning the unwanted presences to ashes. (They probably won’t ‘die’, they’ll decide it’s not worth it and go away.)


Small question: How do I visualize it with fire? Let’s say Im in bed and I can already feel and sense his body shape ( it looks like a small dog with a big ass mouth larger than a crocodile that can even have female human hands ) and I just look at my leg and visualize fire? What if it chokes me at night? I already got choked 3 times

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See it catch fire and burn in your minds eye, like you’re watching a movie. Look at it in your mind, not your physical eyes.

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The Berkeley Psychic School in Santa Rosa, had meditation classes ( we pay for these courses ). They say 90 % Life Force from top back of the head, down the spine to base chakra, mixing with 10 % Grounding earth energy up the legs, to the base chakra. Both energies mixing with the Life Force energy ( visualized as Gold energy ( white / gold will work ), then these 2 energies go up the front of the spine, out the Top Front part of the head. Michael an instructor there said, “We don’t run pure Grounding energy up the spine. It can damage chakras”". I know they are right. You can adjust the % of each energy as you wish with your intention. This might help. This school also has us visualize Gold energy going through each of the 7 chakras from the back into the body. You can start at the base chakra and work up, ( this is what they do ). Or you can start from top to bottom. And you can work on an individual chakra whit this. ( at you own risk of course.). This might help with any negative energies, entities.

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How do I get rid of it? She touches me h24 and is very abusive, put her fingers on my nose when I try to sleep and sticks her tongue inside my throat and it’s a never ending torture. My mother is cooperating and I can try rituals that requires candles etc. this thing is getting stronger and stronger, when she licks me, I can hear the slurp, like the sound of tongue, im not joking, and i can constantly feel getting drained on genitals by her mouth

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Keep trying, that b*tch always be aggresive when you try to get rid of it thats why you feel it become stronger. Remember you are divine, strong your will and say “this is my body, the sacred temple and divine”.

Anyway maybe it will help you if you search incantantion, spell, etc in this forum which i see will make your vibration higher.

Its from Archangel Raziel, and sound like “ayeem ma ta a”, vibrate it to get rid of that b*tch. (Search it for more info)

The combo of exorcism ritual you do + that mantra maybe will help you so much. After the banishing dont forget put some shield, i think theres is one of thread ritual to get shield from Duke Zephar. (Crimson armour i guess, idk i forgot).

Good luck and kick that b*tch ass

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I can’t really speak on this things but ever tried banishing rituals, calling upon Angels, Demons or Gods?

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Have you been checked out by a qualified medical professional? I ask because, If an exorcism and banishing rituals didn’t help, then the problem may not be spiritual at all. It really sounds like you are in a state of psychosis and should seek treatment.


No, they are second density entity, they manifest in every sort of way when i stand still

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I will try more rituals and lift my vibrations

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is a second density being that means it came from the universe underneath us. She would have existed in the energy field inside the earth. We as humans operate in 3rd density. She’s far more primal than a normal human would be. She lacks higher emotions such as empathy and is a lot more like an animal than a human. Her true form is likely that of a lizard. She’s doing this to please herself. The other beings that came were likely related to her and probably made it through the gate at the same time she did. Because they’re so dense energies from the higher spheres don’t reach them as well. They would be the most connected to earthbound energies such as the elements. These beings are elementals in their own right and come directly out of the earth. The reason they are becoming more visible is because you are becoming closer to them. By them interacting with you you’re being made more and more like them until finally you will be pulled into their world. From an outside observer’s perspective it would look like you just went insane. You would start reacting to things that nobody else could see and eventually even your physical body would fade away. Where they come from sensory experience is far stronger. This means both pleasure and pain would be stronger. They want to own you because in doing so they get gratification. It’s similar to how an animal establishes A pecking order. They wanna be the alpha dog and they want you to be the subordinate.

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this was what i got from a friend

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and he tried interacting with them and he got blocked by them

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I read this in one of the books on herbal magic. Full disclosure I haven’t personally used the formula but if it works for you, no harm no foul

Banishing Powder

Cayenne pepper
Dragon’s blood powder
Filé powder (ground sassafras)
Gunpowder (saltpeter and sulfur may be substituted if you cannot get hold of gunpowder)
Habanero powder
Shotgun pellets
A crushed wasp’s nest
Mash all the ingredients together in a mortar and pestle.
Grind in a spice or coffee grinder to reduce to a fine powder.
Sprinkle the powder on your target’s doorstep.
If you enjoy working with figure candles, black devil candles are considered powerful banishing agents

Alternatively you can also try Banishing Oil

Cover this powder with castor oil, shaking vigorously to distribute.
If castor oil is too thick to flow adequately, dilute with jojoba oil.

I also found this Banishing Spell

Sometimes it’s not clear what or who needs to be banished. There’s just a prevailing sense of evil that needs to be expelled.

This spell is most effective during the Dark Moon. An iron hammer is required, as is a flat rock, and either a coffin nail or an old rusty nail.
Hammer the nail against the rock.

The goal is not to pierce the rock but merely to score it three times across the face.

Visualize what you are dispelling while you hammer.

Bury the stone far away.

Carry the nail in a red mojo bag, together with some crossroads and/or graveyard dirt.

@DarkestKnight I don’t know if I can type it here, lemme know incase I’ll delete it :slight_smile:

Source: Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, Judika Illes


KUNDALINI SYNDROME: The Dangers of Unpreparedness) . Kundalini symptoms and remedies. FREE information. I posted this in the other topic, but that might be closing.

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There’s no such thing as “a universe beneath us”. Whatever this person means by it, they haven’t explained it very well in a way that helps you.

Stop there. ONE other persons UPG means nothing unless YOU personally also feel it yourself. Believe nothing other people tell you to believe about your own system.

You are not in a well state, the last thing you need is well meaning people filling your head with esoteric wishful thinking. You have to try and find what works.

I notice a lot of people giving you advice and ideas to try, and you’re ignoring all of them.

If you attacked this and nothing happened, which you don’t say, not even getting feedback about it knowing you attacked it, then this is not an entity, and you need to seek professional advice.

THIS is also an excellent point and very valid, you should read this.

If this is your kundalini rising then STOP doing all magick for now, stop interacting, eat well, sleep well, take cleansing baths and rest, it will subside on it’s own. If not, then you should seek a kundalini teacher to help you sort it out.

This would explain why an exorcism didn’t work: there’s nothing to exorcise, there is no entity and you need to stop fantasizing and assuming, and sit with yourself to learn how your own energy works a lot better.