A very big Thanks to Buer

I am having a lot of little problems in the last months in my health. I asked him help to improve my anxiety and my physical health and in just one week I can see a very big different. My stress is in control and I feel myself with more energy and better.
It’s my first time with him I was listening a very good things about him but this is better that I was expected :slight_smile:

This is my way to say thanks to him.


You should also post this on Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here! so that the forum isn’t flooded with posts about thanking individual spirits and so that you can read other success stories throughout the history of BALG (well, at least until May 2016).


I have to say I just tried this and my anxiety vanished in an instant. I started doing a ritual for healing for someone W Buer and Marbas and I am dealing with a lot of other people’s fears and projections about how things should be handled outside of their juristidction and I believe this worked so fast because I had already established a connection. I will remember this when other people’s out of controlness starts to come my way. I must stay strong and focused on the ideal outcome. Thank you for sharing.


Update my person is now out of the hospital!

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